Mobile-phone gun

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Not like mine then

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  2. Clever :L
  3. Apparently its cheaper to shoot people after 6PM and at weekends.
  4. Mental note: Have to warn our septic friends not to say: "Shoot me an e-mail!" to any Italians... or anyone else for that matter :x
  5. That is one NEAT bit of armoury "Q" would be proud of it.

    I know some mobile phone charges are steep but that one just kills you!
  6. They are not new. I remember seeing one but looked more like a phone on Future Weapons or a show similiar 5+ years ago being in the states.
  7. In Serbia they were making mobiles,that fire a single .22 round,years ago.Some were circulating in UK.
  8. Once again, they've been around for years. I fired a .38 special derringer in the early eigthies in Paderborn. It was part of the 'armoury' of a guy that owned a couple of clubs on the strip in Sennelager. His 'minder' kept them in a briefcase with a Luger and a P 38.
    Fun afternoon it was, few hundred 9 mm from our Brownings and then a play with his exotica.

    It must be said, the derringer stings a bit.
  9. I like that nokia above, or should i say, Glockia!