Mobile phone for use at Shaibah Log Base.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by RAF_Nurse!, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Could anyone suggest a suitable Mobile phone and/or package for use at SLB...if this is permissible/possible? Where from/how much? etc... I would need it principally to 'text' back and forward from the UK. What is the cheapest way of being able to do this?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Try Virgin mobile, but most mobile companies will get coverage but only if your contract, no PAYG......also watch out for the dodgy local companies may try to text you the same message some 30 odd times and claim the costs.......dodgy raghead gits :evil:
  3. You do realise that Shaibah is in Iraq dont you?

    I know that this may be a silly question to ask but as you appear to be RAF one can only assume that your previous operational experience will be limited to the rigours of Cyprus and 5* hotels.
  4. Wrong.
    I have visited the region before. I was there for about 3 or 4 months for Telic 1. (I have also spent a couple of years in Cyprus though)
    Its good to see you have a sense of humour still, despite all that 'ditch-living' that you pongo's seem to gladly endure!
    Seriously though, dont label us all as war-dodging shirkers....some RAF nurses earn their money, if only some of the time!

  5. I hope that wasnt a bite young lady/cross dressing crab type bloke!!
  6. Are mobiles working again, at the beginning of Telic 3 they worked then it didn’t for some 7 months +, left half way through Telic 4 & they still weren’t working so have things changed.

    I know that the local networks were just getting of the ground & duty rumour was that UK companies had yet to sort agreements with local companies.

    Anyone more recent Telics care to comment.
  7. Mine was working on Telic 1 on said Log base.

    Not a bad rate either. Contracted to O2.

    No huge bills waiting for me.
  8. Young!!?! Its been a while since that term was applied to me! :?
    Is Filbert perhaps losing some of those finely-tuned powers of deducement that are legendary on these pages?
  9. Brother-in-law is at Shaibah with Turners. He has two phones, one with Brit sim card, one with Kuwaiti. For voice calls UK-Iraq, call the Kuwaiti card (otherwise the recipient is charged twice) , for voice calls Iraq-UK, use the Brit Card (I suspect it's a cheaper rate). I suspect that text calls will be cheaper on the Kuwaiti card. (Though Dui-lai's comments are noted).

    Also, the Kuwaiti card will be tied to one service provider while the Brit card will be able to switch networks should one provider crash.

    The answer seems to be to take 2 phones with one Brit contract card and get a Kuwaiti PAYT card during an OSD or admin visit.
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol:


  11. ??????????????????????????
  12. You really have to drag it out with some people!!

    I think it is your random use of 'wrong', what are you trying to say?

    The fact that you have stated that you have been 'in the region of' makes me think that you may have been in Kuwait or even further away, oh and if you were there just because one your little planes broke down that does not count either. Although saying that the planes only break when we try to get back on R&R or end of tour and certainly not when they are carrying a load of crab types.
  13. How very original. Do they call you Flash, or Trigger?
  14. Both Vodaphone & Orange work there at the mo - although with Orange it depends where in Shaibah you are, it can be a bit hit & miss.
  15. I came back from SLB in September last year - I was on T-Mobile, I had no drama's with my phone for the whole 6 months - wherever I was in SLB. And to be honest, I did used to use the EFI up at the hospital quite a bit - I can confirm it works just fine up there.