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Hi all,

I've just changed my phone contract (first time in 10 years) and got a very good deal from orange, basically one of thier basic packages with a load of extras for less.

I recieved my phone last week and checked the website for the change of contract. The contract will not change until the start of April, but I got the phone early. The website doesn't make any mention of the 'extras and lower cost' but just links the basic package.

I rang the helpline again and asked them to check the syetem and they confirmed the extras and price...being paranoid I asked for that in writing. 3 days later I got a letter telling me I'd bought a phone - no mention of the contract change at all.

Again rang them up, another check of the system, this time no mention of the extras and that changed and asked again for it in writing. That was last night.

My main problem is the following - I don't believe the blokes at the far end, and even if I did if the 'system' has a hiccup and changes I have no hard proof of the agreement.

I am covered by the 7 days distance selling return, but I won't get to tell whether the contract has been setup correctly until next month...which will be after the 7 days are up from receipt of the phone.

So assuming the worst...if the contract gets changes in April and they balls it me tha basic package at the higher rate...what is my legal position and how to I approach them.

I have copies of all my notes and phonecalls times/date, plus the name and 'ID' of the last bloke I spoke to. I've also sent them an e-mail (including all details) - to the only customer services address I have - but had no response.


Play it safe and cancel the contract and tell them if they want your custom to send you full documentation. It doesn't start until April 1st anyway so you have nothing to lose.
S R,

The Email for the CEO of Orange Mobile UK is
Put your concerns to him (his PA will handle it, not the guy himself). I suggest you detail what was originally agreed, what your concerns are and what you expect to happen, keep it polite and factual. Give them a date by which you require a satisfactory answer. The ball is then firmly in their court.
I would suggest that you could argue the seven day distance selling return period should start from when the new contract starts as they have not provided sufficient details so far.

Good luck,
Thanks guys.

Shiney - I'd love to know how you get details like that..;)

I'll have another stab at them tonight and send an e-mail to this chap. The system just seems maddening...they don't seem to even be able to give you a reference number for the phone conversation or contract change.

Thanks again.

S R,

Start here This is some bloke with too much time on his hands and the info may be out of date but its a start.

If that doesn't give you what you need, check out the companies corporate website to get the CEOs name and then Google for their Email address or guess, if Joe Bloggs works at ACME, his Email is likely to be

Most CEOs will have an "Executive complaints team" who deal with complaints directed to them, I had to do something similar with BT and ended up with 4 months free line rental and a bottle of Champagne.

All companies will have a record of any phone call and contract change (for their legal protection), tell them you require those details and they should provide them (grudgingly), if they cannot get those details, they have nothing to base any contract on.

Hope this helps,
Change to Tescos - they have a link with 02 and are extremely good value. I'm on a pay as you go at the moment (a mistake by me due to not reading the little booklet properly!) but I paid £30 and got £70 worth of credit. Am about to go 'monthly' - only one month's commitment. £30 a month with unlimited calls, texts and web browsing. You get to keep your old number as well.
As a quick follow up for those who may be interested.

I just had a phonecall from Orange - responding to the strongly worded E-mail to thier customer services address, and spoke to a lady who had an accent slightly closer to home than the previous operators, and she has assured me that the details are correct and that she will have a letter in the post today for me.

I am not holding my breath but will hold off sending the e-mail to the CEO until the end of the week.


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