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I renewed my mobile phone contract with orange in november 2010 via a phones 4 u shop, the new phone i was supplied with has gone wrong 4 times , it was "repaired" twice and the third time they gave me a replacement phone which i was led to believe was new, this one has now gone wrong and they are telling me it is now out of warranty and they are not legally bound to repair it or give me a new phone, I am sure this cannot be right, anybody know where i stand ?
The warranty will be on the last phone supplied not the original date of the contract.

So a standard manufactures warranty is normally 12 months.

However it does depend largely on the small print of your contract, check that first before speaking to CAB.

Also I think the sale of goods act has change recently to cover failure within 6 months means it didn't conform to contract.

Also depends on what has gone wrong.

Loads of info here Consumer rights : Directgov - Government, citizens and rights

Also bare in mind that with regards to warranty and faulty goods its down to the shop to sort it with the manufacture not you

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