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My lad is in Germany with the British Army, in the past 12 months he has spent a fortune on top up for his UK Orange pay as you go mobile, ringing his girlfriend and mates in the UK.
He initially got a German mobile contract but was ripped off as they charged him a fortune for international calls. (Still disputing the bill now!)

I am sure I read somewhere about a Company offering deals aimed at British Troops, to keep the costs down when ringing home. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

PS. He's off to Iraq later in the year, so I guess getting something sorted will need to cater for that as well.

Thanks in advance.


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Telephone boxes!! A dam site cheaper especially if he has a thing called a kit card, which is available from the NAAFI.
Failing that I use Vodafone UK with Vodafone passport added to my contract.

Essentially the Passport bit charges you 75p to connect the call (steep I know) but then you are on your UK contract minutes / call plan. Consequently, I use it if I know that the call is going to be longer than 5 minutes or so because it then becomes worthwhile.

The 75p connection charge goes both ways (pick up or phone out) so I always tell people to text me to call them, as I don't want anyone saying "Oh it was just to find out if you are about" kind of rubbish that is over in 30 seconds.

Hope this helps.
When I was there (2000-1) you could buy a phone card in the NAAFI which, on entering a number and then a code, you could use on the mil phones (quite legally) and they would last for ages (120 minutes as I recall depending on how much you spent on the card). I used to phone the missus virtually daily from the Sp Bn Mess. It also didn't matter what time of day or night you used it, it was always the same rate. The Mess also did concessionary prices. There were a number of different cards and it was a matter of obtaining the one with the best rate.

If your lad asks locally he'll be pointed in the right direction by the 'sweats'.

Saved a fortune on calls and virtually never used my mobile.

It also allowed you to know exactly how much you had left and when it was gone it was gone - no hidden costs on your phone bill etc.
i'm using a bluerate card for calls to the uk - depending on your mobile contract it will differ a bit

i can tell you i pay 5 cent instead of 1.39€ ... that's what i call a difference :D

would recommend it :)
Vodafone in osnabruck do a deal where you get a normal german contract phone and they give you an extra bog standard mobile from which you get free calls to uk landlines (and it only costs an extra 8 euros per month.) The only thing is you have to use it within a km of your barracks. PM me if you want more details
Whatever he does tell him not to go in the vodafone shop in MG. I was in there the other day and a young lad who's off on tour was complaining that although they told him he'd get free UK calls on his contract they had billed him about athousand bucks. And they were being gits about it playing the dont understand card, then on top of that telling him he was in a contract so not theyre problem if he's going on tour.

I would also suggest if he can get access to a landline (perhaps get one installed or use one at a mates house) there are 010 numbers over here which give you itemised bills. The one I use charges 1.4cent a minute to UK landlines and 12cent a minute to UK mobiles
Newbie99 said:
PS. He's off to Iraq later in the year, so I guess getting something sorted will need to cater for that as well.

Thanks in advance.
I would advise not to bring a phone to Iraq as some very nasty people listen in to your calls, and have even been known to use the numbers to ring back to the UK to make malicious calls. :evil:
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