mobile networks !

hi all just a quick question which is the best mobile net work to use while on ops

both to talk with mates on the same op and also to ring home

Which Op?

I just use my work phone. Plugged into the pack.
Missus phones me from camp at prearranged times.

Mobiles? Pah.
Just don’t do the mobile thing unless you have a second income! The OWP is fair and in both theatres you can buy credits on various systems that make private calls from either welfare or official phones economically viable. Beyond this, I found SKYPE or Net2Phone brilliant and virtually free.
Are we talking about mobile phones for use purely by TA personnel on TA ops? If not why are you posting this question in a forum clearly labelled "Just TA"?

The 'Just' in 'Just TA' means that the posting in the forum should be about 'Just TA' matters. It doesn't mean you can 'Just' post in this forum if you're TA!

Out in the big world of other forums there are several other places where you can ask this question, the QM's would be a good place to start. In these places more people with op experience are likely to see your post and reply to it, even if they are not 'Just TA'.

msr - can you do a bit of modding and transfer these kind of non 'Just TA' posts to the appropriate board?

Oh and if you must have an answer in here - mobiles, don't do it! Even with RSA and RHA you'll be raping yourself sideways. Better to buy more paradigm minutes.
Having said all of the above, many of the lads out in Afghan (Kabul) got themselves local Roshan sim cards - mainly for texting back to the UK.
Bare in mind that these telephone networks are VERY unsecure and there is a very high chance that foreign intelligence agencies monitor calls/texts.

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