Mobile kitchen island unit

Discussion in 'DIY' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. My wife has decided we "need" a island unit in the kitchen.
    Just to complicate the build,she wants into to be movable.So I need some ideas to jack the thing up so it can be moved.Sticking to the KISS system,I'm thinking some sort of mechanical device as opposed to electrical or pneumatic/hydraulic.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Buy a butchers block on wheels. Job done. What sort of size are you looking for??
  3. Ravers

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  4. Porridge_gun

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    Keep it really cheap by swiping a shopping trolley (see werewolf for help) and sticking a sheet of MDF on top.

    Dual role it by painting it green and storing a net and two rackets underneath for table tennis.
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  5. You can get some natty islands from Ikea that have lockable casters - I'm sure there are plenty of other off-the-shelf solutions as well.
  6. Granny used to call a mobile kitchen island unit a 'table', in the olden days.
  7. Butchers blocks on wheels won't do it I'm afraid.Not stylish enough!
    Size wise,I reckon 5' x 4' should do it.
  8. Fussy bitch.
  9. Hey, have you tried Army Surplus, we had one of them in the back of an MK, can't
    get more mobile than that!
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  10. Iv'e seen a coffe table with two lezzers in the scisser possition. Both with one arm up, the table rested on the raised hands and their bonce.

    I thought it was mighty stylish. Shouldn't be to difficult to put heavy duty casters on the arse and other hand. Top it off with a 1000 base unit and a taistful worktop.
  11. Why not buy a pallett-truck and 8 Euro-pallets.

    Simply stack the pallets to the height required, slap a piece of Sterling board on top, and utilising the pallet-truck you could use your new "Island" in the living-room, in the garden, or even as a workbench in your out-building.
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  12. You gayer, have you not informed her she only works in the kitchen.
  13. Stylish DIY is all about seeing how other people have overcome a problem and going one better.

    Look at this:

    Now start a new thread "How can I get reverse thrust on a Dyson?"