Mobile Data Usage - Advice please

I am looking at getting an HTC Hero on a German contract, but there seems to be only a small included data allowance (5Mb per month).

Does anyone use data allowance on their mobile for messenger, facebook, Google Mapos etc. If so, how much data do you use per month.

I only get 1GB a month, but most of my phone surfing takes place when i'm in a wifi area. You'll find that mObile versions of Apps, will be shrunk down to cope with the rather weedy GPRS/3G/Wap.

To be fair though, 5MB DOES seem very minimal. Is there no bolt-on type things you can buy such as Unlimited internet etc etc?

Still looking in to it. To be honest I find most German contracts a con - I am trying to work out if the cheap phone makes up forthe high contract prices and the dodgy lock-ins, etc.
Do they have PAYG sims over there? I was last in the land of sauerkraut and gyros 15 years ago and might be going back for a while, but dont want the added hassle of a contract.


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I've recently got a blackberry, and looking at my usage even a few pages of a text-heavy site run to several mb's. so I would imagine 5mb will get you nowhere, relatively speaking. as soggy says, no add ons you can get? it might even be worth your while pricing up a UK tariff and paying the extra for European roaming charges (O2, I know, offer flat rate deals for voice and data Europe wide - not cheap, but far cheaper than roaming charges if you're going to use it a lot. and might even come in cheaper than German rates, from the way you describe them.)
5 MB is nothing, for 30 euros a month you should be looking at unlimited data under a fair use agreement. Anything less and you are being ripped off.
So far this month I've used 418 MB on my Hero. But that is split between mobile (161 MB) and Wifi (257 MB) Generally on mobile for 11 + hours on a weekday and Wifi at home.

That's with 2 email accounts, FB, Twitter, Weather App, SMSBackup, Sky News and possibly a couple more checking for updates.

Bit of surfing, watched a couple of videos, downloaded a couple of apps from the market, been playing with Goggles as well.

If you want to track/check your useage there's an app called NetCounter in the store, does what it says on the tin

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