Mobile coverage at Chicksands.


Evening all,

I've been asked to post this by a mate, (a ginger one at that, so more of an acquaintance) who's being posted to Chix in the near future and wants to know which provider gives the best mobile coverage. The reason he hasn't asked himself is because he often lurks but is reluctant to join for one post.

I used to be at Chix a while ago.......has mobile coverage improved??

Many thanks in advance, on behalf of my fox-piss smelling mate.

Your Ginger mate clearly isn't lurking very well as this one's been covered.
"Phase 2 laptop" thread.


War Hero
Seems he's a ginger Orange may be the desired network. Funnilly enough it gets good coverage at Chix


War Hero
Don't tell him anything. Steal his phone so he cannot dial any chicks. This will reduce his chances of copping off, getting his end away, and spawning any more copper-wire-haired, no-visible-eyebrowed, angry, cried-a-lot-as-a-child, cheats-at-cards mutants.

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