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been using the 3 mobile deal for several months now - good service and only £10 per month. modem loaded exactly as it said without any problem at all, 5min and was up and running. speed usually between 3 and 3.6M, uploading significantly quicker than landline broadband. works with skype fine. sorry cant compare with others systems cause only used the 3 service.
Am running the T mobile version right now on a Mac.

ad it for about a month now, fecking great so far - good reception all over, noticably quicker speed in ventral urban areas, but still equivalent to 2 meg broadband where I'm living in Bracknell at the mo.

Looked at the Three version, but was concerned that they start ramping up the charges if you go over your D/l Limit, whereas Tmobile just send you a snotty letter.

Took the 2 year contract, and at £20 a month I do feel its a proper alternative to wired BB for the house.

overall, thoroughly recommended.

PS, and theres a fun factor to being able to just log on anywhere to check opening times of places, look for local garages, find a starbucks etc, even when you're parked in a welsh village.
I had a similar problem with my Vodaphone one a few years ago. I got that from CarPhone Warehouse to. One thing they dont publicise very often, is that you can ask for a refund (within 10 days I think it is) as you are not happy with the service in your area. Have a browse on the other websites, most have maps showing coverage in different areas of the country.
Well not fcuking happy with it!
Phoned up tonight to speak to tech support to find out why I am getting 53.6k only to be told number not reg'd yet on system I'll put you through to sales support on hold for 1 hour! hang up and a re-dial only to be on hold for 10 mins again.

Now I've found out that the post code I'm in is in a 3G blackspot and will only be able to get the GPRS connection yet both T-mobiles website and carphonewarehouse who also checked postcode failed to mention this apprently T-mobile have a different postcode/service checker than what they post on the website...conning cnuts so it's going back tomorrow
scuba_angel said:
Unless Im mistaken T Mobile is a German company so see if they have a similar coverage over there? From looking at the UK site Im not sure if it would work buying a UK contract and trying to use it over there.
you would get raped with abroad charges

i used my vodafone one in kuwait only breifly... and it cost me £10 per MB!!!
Im on Vodafone, had a few teathing problems to start off with and its £30 per month with a 18 month contract. They say that you can cancel the contract any time so i recon that il give them say 6 months, speed is not bad and the coverage is ok as well in the citys not used it the countryside yet. Only got i as a early Xmas prezzy for my self.
Just got one myself now, more than happy with it.
Thing is it has never achieved much more than 150 Kbps (Although it states 3.6Mbps on start up), the lights blue meaning its connected to a 3G network.
Anyone else had anything higher?

Somewhere in the UK it must be possible as they can't advertise it otherwise!

Thats on three, I'm Using a pay as you go SIM card as I won't use it all the time.

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