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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by musiclifesoul, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi
    Im Looking to buy a poay as you go mobile broadband usb, im going basic training in Pirbright and im not sure which one to get, any advice?
  2. I recently got vodaphone. Its £15 min topup but its also the only one that lets your credit roll over. All the others your credit runs out at the end of the month. The coverage seems fairly good, you have to use it at least every six months or it we be deactivated. £15 will get you approx 30 hours usage depending on how much you download.
  3. so say if i just went on a bit of facebook maybe a bit of youtube donwloading i should be fine on £15 every few weeks?
    I have a vodafone phone does that give me any sort of discount?! haha!
  4. Carphone wharehouse do 1 gig a month for a whole year for £90
  5. I did look in to this one but thought it was expensive for what I wanted. I only use it once or twice a month when away from home.
  6. T-Mobile do PAYG for £2 per 24hr period.

    Just check coverage as this will determine which provider you go with.
  7. How can i check the coverage?

    Edited for being a tard!

    Ive found it and coverage in pirbright looks good!
  8. i got this one or can tether my mobile on t-mobile
    depends which gets best reception at the time
  9. Most providers have coverage maps on their websites. However, they do tend to be as accurate as a cheap NAAFI watch.

    If you bob in to the provider's stores, they may offer to refund you if the map says it has coverage, but it turns out that it doesn't.

    The opposite can be true too. Sometimes the map says no coverage, but you can connect harry boomers!

    So, you pays ya money and you take ya chance.

    Best way is local knowledge or try and see what networks can be seen with a device at that location.
  10. Ok cool i will order this now!! how do i check how much data ive used is there a way of checking??
  11. BTW, are you sure you're going to get time to surf the web during basic?
  12. Well my friend just got out of basic and he said it came in pretty handy, he oviously said u wont use it everyday/everyweek but will have some downtime to log on, which is why this vodafone one looks good because if i buy a top up and dont use it for a while it wont run out :)
  13. T-Mobile don't charge extra for going over the limit set.

    But, there will be an application that you use to connect with which will tell you how much data has been TX/RX by that machine over a period of time.
  14. Musiclifesoul,

    Why not use the Internet facilities provided at Pirbright? As monkey spanker said, you may find that you have to modify your surfing habits until the Grown ups let you have your life back.

    Good luck in basic.

    Shiny Arrse
  15. Ah i didnt think about that!
    Cheers Shiny Arrse