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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by RangeStew, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. I'm looking to buy a Mobile broadband dongle thingy (pay as you go) any recommendations.
  2. O2's not bad but work out where you really think you might be using it and check out mobile phone coverage. If the signals rubbish look at a different network!
  3. Hi,

    I purchased a "three" dongle last week and i am very pleased with it.
    The guy in the shop said i wouldn't get a signal at home but i do and its quicker than my broadband ( i live in the sticks and only get 1mb connection)
    Cost is £10 a for a 1gb bundle and lasts for 30 days , it doesn't roll over like the o2 deal.


  4. Seconded.
  5. Thanks chaps.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Vodafone £15 for 1Gb. Stroll on.

  7. I've got an Orange ICON225 dongle. Noissues with it. even worked in Sennybridge Camp, when most others couldn't get a signal for their mobiles.

    Today though it was tortuously slow and dropped the coonection several times. I phoned Orange and spoke to an Engineer who said he would look into it. He phoned me back a few minutes later and told me that my local transmitter was giving a reduced service due to maintenance and an upgrade. He also promised a £10 credit on my account to say sorry for the poor service. And he didnt even sell my details to a double glazing company either!
  8. I relaxed my guard while strolling on Tottenham Court Road the other day and got a Samsung N110 with a Vodaphone slug stuck to it. It works very nicely in London but crawls along in Belfast, where it only receives GPRS, not 3G-flavoured ether.

    The height of the screen is a pain the in the bum, too. Likewise Window 7 ultra-basic edition.
  9. Anyone on Virgin Media for their TV and phone can take up an offer of 1GB/month for a fiver a month, plus if you sweet talk the young lady on the phone she sends you the dongle for free!
  10. I got an old Huawei E220 for free (they start at around £3 inc P & P on E-Bay), went on the net and unlocked it for free (a software task, but can also be done for £3 (E-Bay again) direct to the dongle) so it now takes any network sim (as opposed to the sealed USB units), I also took the 3.6 Mb speed limit off and reverted it back to 7.2 Mb but I've yet to have the opportunity to test that aspect as I,ve yet to get near the the 3.6 Mb speed let alone pass it!
    Using the £5 "unlimited use" one shot monthly payment with 3, they think I,m surfing using a smartphone when I,m actually using a laptop so sometimes I have to top-up again when my usage is deemed "unfair" but you do get the free text/calls mobile phone stuff included.
    If you want to play the 3 game "properly", it starts at £10 for 1Gb as previously mentioned but as this dongle is now not tied to any one provider you can shop for price/features/data/coverage and, if needed, you can swop with your phones sim (and vice versa)!

    See, I knew that 22 years in the Royal Signals would come in useful one day!
  11. got a 3G dongle from phones for you (i think) for the kid at boarding school .

    £100 for dongle and 12 GB on the net. its pay as you go so when you run out after 12 gb of midget porn you just top up .

    it only lasts a year so if you dont use it you lose it unfortunately.

    worked ok in a few places in uk but not brilliant in Norn Ireland - backward fecking place!

    Edited to add im wrong yet again -look here !! £79
  12. Get someone to try theirs in your house first or try using 3G services on your mobile in the house (they will give you an idea of the coverage)
  13. Definitely advisable checking for Mobile Broadband cover for where you live and your preferred options before you commit to a purchase .
  14. I use 3, it's 15 quid for 15GB a month on a 2 year contract or they do a one year contract, 15 quid for 3GB a month.

    That's shedloads of sheep porn and Nolan's music downloads.