mobile broadband coverage in the chester area

Are there any arrse members who can give me an idea what would be the best network dongle thingy to use where i live. I have checked the coverage maps but they arent 100% reliable apparently so can anybody shed some more light on this. Instead of me having to rely on the various providers word
Vodafone is excellent around the city centre except for one or two small spots out towards the race course. I get a HDSPA signal on my HDSPA card which I've only ever seen in Liverpool and London.

I can't remember if its O2 or Orange but one of those networks is absolutely dire. I can't comment on T-Mobile or 3.

Remember though the point of a mobile data card is that its "Mobile" so you while your home signal is pretty important remember that the overall coverage is pretty important as well. In my opinion the only network operator that can claim wide 3G coverage is Vodafone.

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