Mobile Broadband and PS3

Hi all,

Massive apologies if this has been run before but a search didn't pick anything up...

I have 3 mobile broadband on my laptop and also a PS3 but my block isn't hooked up to broadband. Is there any way I can use my dongle to play PS3 online??

Cheers for your help.
Yep. It gets a bit complicated though. :)

You can't do it directly from your PS3. You will need...

A router (Wireless or otherwise)
A computer with a network card (Wireless or otherwise)

Firstly, plug your datacard in to your laptop.

Find the connection it creates in your network and dialup settings in the control panel. Right click on it and go to properties and choose to enable Internet connection sharing for it. This lets other computers and devices on the network to share the connection and access the internet. You will be told your LAN adaptor's IP settings will be changed. If your laptop has both a wireless and wired network card, disable the one your not going to be using before you take this step.

There are very specific instructions for enabling Internet connection sharing on the Microsoft website here.

Now if your using a wireless router, you need to set it so your router acts as an "Access point" as all we want it to do is act as method of access for allowing the PS3 to communicate with the PC over wireless, the internet will be coming from the computer. Follow your routers documentation on how to do this. Apart from setting its network name and security, you will need to give it an IP address and subnet. Its IP address should be and its subnet should be

If your using a normal wired router, just plug the computer and PS3 into it as usual using the network cables.

Your computer, datacard and router are now acting as one big source of internet. It's acting as both router and DHCP server. The PS3 (Provided its told to get its IP settings via DHCP) will automatically get a correct IP from the computer and will be able to share the 3g datacards internet connection.

As a bonus, any other folks in your room who have laptops/computers and connect to the router or wireless router will also be able to share the datacards internet connection and they can have internet access too, so your room mates will love you. :D

Be advised. 3 probably have some clause somewhere that probably forbids this. Your data usage will go up obviously (Especially if more than one of you connect with the card). Also be aware that even if your in a UMTS (A fancy name for 3g) area, those datacards have quite high latency (A fancy word meaning they tend to take a long time to pass data back and forth) and your ping times will be atrocious in most games. If your in a slow GPRS area (A much slower connection) expect slower than dialup speeds!

Hope this helps. :D
Cheers for that - really helpful.

I just wanna play COD4 online but I'm guessing this isn't the way to do it by what you've just said, looks like a right pain in the arrse.

Looks like i'll be waiting for them to fit our broadband then (like that's ever gonna happen)!
Exactly, listen to what Xcept1 said.
Run an ethernet cable from your laptop to your ps3 insuring that on your laptop the network connection with the internet is set to share the internet to other connections.

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