Mobile Bath and Laundry Unit?!!!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by RedMistUK, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. Have ARRSE completely forgotten about these unsung heroes? this unit was in Bosnia at the old Precission Factory and did a fantastic job for the troops at the time, a great bunch of characters why is there no Unit Forum for them?
  2. I am presuming that this may be a p1ss take thread??

    In 22 years I only saw ONE mobile bath and laundry unit, and they only came to play because they were in support of a Military hospital exercise where there might have been a large amount of flange to letch at. ( which incidently was medmans job). Agreed they are useful, but rarer than a correctly located officer without the use of GPS.
  3. Hey medman, no, not a piss take, they were a great bunch good for morale! I put it in your forum as I remember them saying they occassionally worked with the RAMC but not sure if this would have been their parent Unit? probably more suited to the Really Large Corps?! it would be good if some of them came on ARRSE to spread a bit more light on the subject...
  4. Im sure that that was a laundry unit in Sipovo in 1997, but some slivo soaked locals in 2001.

    Little dark skinned chappies out in Shaibah these days though, damn fine job.
  5. I'm sure there was a mobile bath and laundry as part of a Northern RLC (or in the day RAOC) unit. Only thing was they were from Liverpool.

    Could YOU imagine rocking up for a shower there, handing over kit for dobhi, leaving valuables in changing area so they didn't get wet and then on coming out find the Scousers had made off with the lot?!?

    Although to be fair to them I heard a rumour that it was discovered on TELIC 1 one of them was discovered to be fluent in Arabic and was subsequently moved to go to war at the sharp end rather than washing skidmarks off other troops' kit...
  6. Thinking back to Bosnia in the 90s, I'm sure they were capbadged RLC and were a mostly (completely?) TA unit. I seem to remember a full screw being awarded the MBE at the end of his tour. Must have the least warry citation in history hanging on his toilet wall!
  7. Yep Bath and Laundry units are the domain of the RLC and before that RAOC.

    AMF(L) Supply Company used to have a platoon of them, don't know if there are any regular Laundry/Bath units anymore. Though I do believe that there are several TA units on the go.
  8. Just to let you know that the MBLU are part of the RLC(TA). Mostly scousers and a great laugh
  9. So thats why you end up with stuff missing!!! :lol: :lol:
  10. You would lucky to get a mobile bath and laundry unit. They did a great job but most of us never saw them.

    How could I forget a feature in Soldier magazine circa 197x, including the photograph caption "This grizzled ex-paratrooper closes the door on an advanced front-loading washing machine."

    After she left the Reg QARANC, the missus was in charge of a TA Hospital ward on Exercise Crusader. The RAOC laundry blew up in a genuine accident. While the rest of the hospital were parading on the square and calling off the nominal roll, my own wee Ernst Stavro Blofeld had all the exercise patients cowering under their beds and refused to let Matron in the door without the password.
  11. MBLU, part of 9 regt in Abingdon, i beleive.

    First encoutered with 40 Cdo battle group on ex in Jordan.
    Conversation between Bootie and SNCO I/C MBLU Det:
    Bootie: Royal love being clean, you guys should come along more often?
    SNCO: We would but your hierachy never ask, so you dont get.

  12. I'm sure we had one with us at 34 Flying Circus in Shaibah during Telic (no number). Absolute godsend.
  13. There was one on the recent exerice at abingdon airfeild. Nice enough guy's, but I was a little warey of the amount of coloured cylooms & kept wondering where the camera was hiden.
  14. ive seen the plan for our annual camp and it includes having the MBLU turning up.
  15. Delving back into my files (and my memory) has revealed this from a couple of years ago ...

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