Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tartan_Smudger, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. Does any ex-inf BAT Pl lads out there remember seeing a night firing training film on the (I think its the ConBAT) firing in battery formation on Salisbury Plain or in BAOR. I am keen to get hold of a copy this and any others. Back in the '70s, when I was young, foolish and had hair that the barber didn't shave off, I remember seeing this film (between nodding off) on some training lecture on where not to stand! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Had the dubious honour of being stuck on a Wombat for live firing out of the Support Weapons Wing-Netheravon(is it still there?)
    Awesome is all I can say,and trying to load it almost put me in a fcuking truss!
  3. 'Met a guy once who told me that on ex with WOMBAT portee, were ordered to fire from the vehicle. Not wanting to incurr more sh*t than they'd already received from the rupe at the other end of the wire, they let off a round and the aftershock shook the landy so violently that all the body rivetts fell out and the doors fell off! He said on another occasion some stupid fcuker with a radio pack was chatting to his mates on a support portee with 6 training rounds on board - received an incoming signal and the electrical activity was enough to fire all rounds simultaneously! bye bye Bat and Land Rover!

    I need to get copies of these films so that I can display them with my BAT.
  4. A quick search on google came up with this.... 3D-sakuhin/conbat-2cv.jpg

    Doesn't ring any bells though.
  5. Cheers Puttees, but couldn't get the site to open. It's all in f***ink Japanese as well! I draw the line at Gaelic.
  6. This was the image.

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  7. Woooah!!! Nice Car! BUT not a CONBAT (Converted Battalion Anti-Tank) 120mm Recoilless Rifle. There's a picture of one in the ARRSE gallery being fired. But I want MORE... I want the training films.