Does any ex-inf BAT Pl lads out there remember seeing a night firing training film on the (I think its the ConBAT) firing in battery formation on Salisbury Plain or in BAOR. I am keen to get hold of a copy this and any others. Back in the '70s, when I was young, foolish and had hair that the barber didn't shave off, I remember seeing this film (between nodding off) on some training lecture on where not to stand! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Had the dubious honour of being stuck on a Wombat for live firing out of the Support Weapons Wing-Netheravon(is it still there?)
Awesome is all I can say,and trying to load it almost put me in a fcuking truss!
'Met a guy once who told me that on ex with WOMBAT portee, were ordered to fire from the vehicle. Not wanting to incurr more sh*t than they'd already received from the rupe at the other end of the wire, they let off a round and the aftershock shook the landy so violently that all the body rivetts fell out and the doors fell off! He said on another occasion some stupid fcuker with a radio pack was chatting to his mates on a support portee with 6 training rounds on board - received an incoming signal and the electrical activity was enough to fire all rounds simultaneously! bye bye Bat and Land Rover!

I need to get copies of these films so that I can display them with my BAT.
Cheers Puttees, but couldn't get the site to open. It's all in f***ink Japanese as well! I draw the line at Gaelic.
Woooah!!! Nice Car! BUT not a CONBAT (Converted Battalion Anti-Tank) 120mm Recoilless Rifle. There's a picture of one in the ARRSE gallery being fired. But I want MORE... I want the training films.

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