Moaning German soldiers an embarrassment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. My my. How times do change.

    "German soldiers are softies who lack discipline, hate responsibility and show an inadequate desire to serve their country, according to the army's chief inspector

    General Wolfgang Schneiderhahn, the general inspector of the Bundeswehr, told the German parliament that depite their positive contribution in Afghanistan, complaints from troops about their conditions were an "embarrassment".

    "We have given a good account of ourselves in Afghanistan, but we cannot guarantee an all-round feel-good feeling for soldiers," said the general, before going on to detail the less dignified side of the country's armed forces.

    He cited complaints reaching him about the quality of sleeping bags used in a deployment in the Congo.

    "Are our soldiers too soft?" asked the best-selling daily German newspaper Bild.

    Gen Schneiderhahn told politicians in Berlin on Monday that the descendants of the country's mighty military machines of the past needed to have "a better feeling for discipline and to show a greater readiness to serve the state". "
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    maybe they should give the French a good shoeing again... partly for old times sake, but mostly to get back into practice.

  3. Maguire, I think its a challenge they need.
  4. Let this be a warning to us, once you lose it it's a bugger to get it back!
  5. Perhaps we could help? There will be an anniversary of some German-British combined ops in 6 years (& 2 days). :wink:
  6. Be like Dunkirk in reverse :D
  7. You'd of thought these europeans would have realised who usually ends up on the winning side by now..... :lol:
  8. And Alsace hasn't changed hands for a few years. I suspect the residents might be getting bored.
  9. Bad drills by the boxheads, and I blame modern literature and film. What is needed is a series of black and white 50's war movies and some commando comics. These hard hitting real life documentaries show that as soon as any German squaddie starts whinging to his mates on stag, ie "Ach Franz, I miss Mutti and der little kinder" or the ever popular "Vhot's der use off all dis vighting?" he gets the pointy end of a Sykes-Fairburn between the shoulders. The only option left is to remark "Himmel, der Englander commandos, aaarrrrrrgh" and it's game over. Remember, "Loose lips sink ships" and "Gripes and pouts mean dead krauts".
  10. You never heard that kind of sh1t in the Sven Hassel books. :D
    The way I see it, in the same way that you reintroduce zoo-bred animals back into the wild, we need to reconnect the Bosche with their village-raping and nun-burning mojo.
    Start 'em off on the small stuff: take them on patrol, and get them to hang the first street vendor they encounter, for being a war profiteer. A nice little sign hung around the neck with 'Juden' scrawled on it is a thoughtful, albeit ethnically dubious, touch.
    The next step up is collective punishment. The next time local civvy staff nick one of their clicky-beds, they need to cordon off the fcuker's village and slaughter everyone in it. I'm thinking burning mosques, with all the villagers locked inside, bodies down wells, using Leopard tanks to crush babies- the whole Hague- baiting enchilada.
  11. I was bought up on all that stuff as well.

    Made it kind of embarrassing that come the Iraqi invasion we were the war criminals and the Germans were the good guys.

    Well, that's twice in my life I've been ashamed of being British. Suez and Blair. That man sold England's honour like Arthur Daley flogging off a duff motor.
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I have to say I like your thinking sir.
  13. If General Wolfgang Schneiderhahn thinks that German squaddies are good at moaning, someone should send him a link to Arrse
  14. Nice one!

    Seems a touch unfair for the good general to put the blame on German soldiers for a lack of operational robustness, when much of that seems down to German government policy.

    Here's a very different angle on pretty much the same story: (German) troops in Afghanistan want more firepower.
  15. The Boxheeds are suffering from the same symptoms as just about all the forces in Affers; they don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing there. There’s a bit of a discussion about it going on over on the Bundeswehrforum here:

    And this is the last paragraph of an article in the “Spiegel”:

    Noch nie habe er die Situation in dem Einsatz am Hindukusch "so schlimm erlebt" wie jüngt bei seinem Besuch der Soldaten im nordafghanischen Kundus, berichtete der Wehrbeauftragte des Bundestags, Robbe. Die Soldaten hätten ihm gesagt: "Wir bauen hier im Moment keine Brücken und bohren keine Brunnen. Wir befinden uns hier im Krieg."

    A translation:

    The German parliamentary Armed Forces Commissioner, Robbe, reported that he had never experienced the situation as bad as it was during his recent visit to the soldiers in Kundus in northern Afghanistan. The soldiers had told him: "At the moment, we're not building any bridges or boring wells. We're at war here".