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Evening all.

As a potential Medical cadet, I've been looking in detail at a number of things. One of these, naturally, is the pay for medical officers( Whilst this does not affect my decision to apply for a cadetship, I seem to remember the starting salary and FY2 rates being almost £10,000 higher than those currently listed. This may well be me getting confused though, so can anyone here confirm or deny this?
I guess you mean the rates marked as "Lt"?

The other rates generally look OK

I notice in this weeks BMA news there's 2 articles on Reserve doctors

They quote Dr Brendan McKeating as BMA Armed Forces Comitte Chair

Perhaps contacting him at BMA House will give the correct Rates

I must admit having jus been appointed at level 13, it looks correct to me
Not seen those paybands before.... Have to say I was surprised that a Snr Major(GP) was only 10 thousand less than a full Colonel(GP).....

Seems like its a waste of time getting promoted
Not sure off the top of my head about the medical cadet pay, but it will keep you in beer while at uni. After completion of FY2 and Entry Officer Course, a newly promoted Capt MO starts at around £51K.

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