Mo Mowlam critical but stable

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 3, 2005.

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  2. Hang in there Mo!
  3. Dismissed from the cabinet for committing the crime of being more popular than Chairman Tony. A crying shame. C'mon girl.
  4. Apart from calling Martin McGuiness 'sweetie' she was a hell of a lot better than most of the shower in Westminister. Get well soon, Mo.
  5. Come on Mo , Fight. You never backed down, don't do it now. Best wishes to Mo and her family at this time.
  6. Gosh - how awful - and I hate all politicians.

    Best wishes to Mo and her family.

    (First time I've posted a condolence as well - blimey)
  7. She was the first politician i ever respected Despite her being a labour MP)

    Get well and lets see you back in parliment giving tony hell!
  8. Without wishing the worst on someone who is ill I am surprised at the postings about mowlam. She was an absolute disgrace as SoS NI, she spent more time cosying up to terrorists and bad mothing the security forces, when the Chief Constable admitted that the PIRA had 'executed' an 'informer'in 1999 she just blithely ignored it despite their supposed cease fire, still such spineless caving in to terrorists (well in NI anyway) is now official policy of course...........
  9. Goodness me! ........poor old Mo.

    Chances of survival are equel to the cinematographically recorded destruction of IRA arms.

    Weak and liberal as a Politician.
    Nice human being though.
  10. Hang in the Mo....... politics aside, a decent lady and some one i am sure i would have ease raising a pint of beer with..... might not look so great but may be she can get thru this..... fight hard Mo
  11. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  12. Could'nt really give a fcuk about her, she was a disgrace as SOS for NI, tree hugging cow. I supose thats abit unfair as every SOS for NI was a fcuking tool. If she pops her clogs, I don't think it would be a great loss. Being the kind human I am, I wish her well, sort of.
  13. I've met Mo on more than a number of occasions; as a familiy friend she attended my Mum's funeral, even though she should have been elsewhere at the time, for which she got her knuckles rapped. She was agreat support to my familiy during my mothers long period of illness. Regardless of your political persuassions, or whether you think she did or didn't do well, she was a devoted public servant while in office. Lets hope you get better Mo.
  14. Politics aside, a decent woman. Get well you old bag.
  15. If a person goes into politics and therefore has an influence for good or bad then that person should be judged on that. I can't believe that this 'dianafication' of Ms Mowlem is a result of mosts postees really knowing what she is like and it seems strange to me that so many are plugging her as some sort of saint already. I think she was not a figure to admire and was public disaster but having said that, I hope she doesn't suffer too long.