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Mo laoch! Michael Collins and Irish Independence.

So Roman Catholic doctrines regarding sex and birth control had nothing to do with it?

The catholic doctrines account for some of it, across the world, basic grinding poverty, the mud hut variety, and corrupt governments, war and famine play their part. Have you noticed the amount of Adds on TV that originate in far off lands, all involving kids, and their mum's, where pray, is dad?

Poverty takes many forms, here in the UK your considered poor, if you do not have at least 80% of the basic wage to survive, which is about £25K. We had 6 kids, i wasn't earning a lot, we managed, went without for many years, no holidays, no car, no big TV, or SKY service, and when first married, no washing machine, fridge, freezer, tumble dryer, dish washer, or landline phone. all this was before mobiles were invented. This put me on the poor list, by the standards of the day, , but I didn't consider myself poor, as I had a roof over my head, a job, and could pay the bills, and the kids didn't starve.

Poor is relative, My income is just fractionally above that which would allow me to claim pensions benefit, But by the standards of today, if i was working, that amount would class me as poor.

The days of grinding poverty that my father (93) had to endure in the mid 20's in the dockland area of London's east end are long gone, bare footed scruffy half starved waifs no longer exist in the UK, and if they do, its caused by parental abuse and cruelty, and not financial circumstance.

The Poor do exist, Fact, and they always will, and all the legislation, laws, and good will by men and women of high moral compass working on their behalf will never alleviate it. Church state and class divide, the three reasons it will never vanish.
Let's be honest here: the Catholic Irish have long been second* in the World Champions of gurners, bitchers and complainers and complainers: everyone's fault but theirs. Professional Victims. See also: Liverpool.

The Potato Famine. How can you starve to death on an island, which, by, definition, is surrounded by the sea? Which has fish in it.

It's got more to it than that. Plan a bit more carefully, diversify and don't have 21 kids.

My family are Normans. We have the Castle and Church to prove that Normans were there before the so-called Irish. In fact, I was cleaning the church today, which is a privilege. My little niece will be the flag bearer for The Girls Brigade there on Remembrance Sunday in that same church. This 800 year bollocks from Sinn Fein/IRA/AllIRAnce Party doesn't wash.

800 years ago Michelle O'Neill, leader of Sinn Fein In Northern Ireland's family were probably not even here.

*Sorry Bugsy, but the Palestinians have got you flat beat on the victim stakes.
Those evil English bastards stealing the crops and shipping it back to England...

They forget to mention the Queen donated a 100 grand, to send food supplies to Ireland to stave of the famine.


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Those evil English bastards stealing the COTTON and shipping it back to England...

They forget to mention the Queen donated a 100 grand, to send food supplies to Ireland to stave of the famine.
Edited for correctness.
Sadly, we're going to have to wait 30 days for Bugsy's response.
That's sad. I PM'd him the other day. I expect he's champing at the bit to get orf RoP's and reply.
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