MMOGs for a crappy SA slooow line

Should sum it up, down here unless you want to pay through the nose you are limited to about 35 kb/s :cry:

Any suggestions?

I know even SL needs about 500


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Give Fallen Earth a whirl. No idea what the bandwidth specs are, but the free trial should let you work that out. Mind you, a 4GB download might be difficult!


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Could give WoW a whirl - I know a lot of people from Saf who manage to play on the EU servers.

But I feel for you was comparing broadband costs with friends in CT and it is pretty shocking for what you get out there.
Um, not sure if this is the right place, according to I have..

So if that's true why would I be getting such attrocious speeds, im on a wireless laptop, I haven't tried much on my moms pc (ethernet cable) but on my machine Im maxing at 35kB/s, both reg dl and torrents...

Any ideas? I'd love to increase it but have no clue about networks.

Edit: Just saw that the server it's testing is in Manchester? Is that speed perhaps for that? Would be rather useless if it was though..

Edit edit: Now I see this too..

WTF, Im so confused.

Edit edit edit: Nevermind =( It was my bitDefender, I tried with it off and I now have 0.3Mb =( Sigh

Edit edit edit edit: just tried again now I have..

What the...

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