Mmmmmmm suction, is good.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ozzymick, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Just flicking through a Medical Supplies catalogue as you do and stumbled across suction machines.

    I immediately thinks to myself, it has to be much safer than a vacuum cleaner, much gentler suction and much less chance of an embarrassing off to A&E accident.

    Probably should have put this in the medical section as I am sure they have experience of both but the NAAFI is far more fun.

    What are your thoughts / experiences on the matter?
  2. Probably fine for sucking ear wax oot yer ear 'ole, but not sure I'd let anything like that loose on my nob.

    Have you got a medical fetish?

    Any worked examples?
  3. Not really a medical fetish, though it did look like some of the resuci dolls could do with a good seeing to :)
  4. The voice of experience?
  5. You're a bit lonely, aren't you!
  6. It was the bird on the cover that attracted my attention in the first place, but yes, I am lonely.

    I am just not getting the loving I require at home. I should never have bought here that Rampant Rabbit
  7. Well share the fun and black nasty it to your n0b.
  8. Sounds like experience talking SR.

    Do tell
  9. Plenty of suction machines on my site hehehehe
  10. Do you do dancing poles??? She wants one of these next
  11. Don't tell me you haven't put a belt sander next to the right place? Or sitting on the bus and the vibration through the seat, &c? Or leaned over the washing m/c while it's on spin? ..and then try to walk around dead nonch with a lazy lob banging into everything?

    Of course there are some thats so numb down there, they slam it in the fridge door to get anywhere but it beats nailing it to the fridge door I guess.
  12. I would be lying if I said I had never had to stay seated for a while to calm down things rather than cause a fuss.
  13. Slam a desklid down on your c0ck - works for me!