Mmmmm, Bounty.... How will you spend yours?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LordVonHarley, May 5, 2010.

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  1. With a lump of free wonga in my bank I have a list of things I would like. PC upgrades, metal detector, some silver bullion, stockings and corsets ...... for my woman, not me.

    Most likely it will go on a new sofa or something suitably sensible.

    What will you be spunking you wonga on?

    Did manage to slip in a sleeping system f early from UKKitmonster before Lady Von Harley got wind of it. Used twice already on the couch when I was kicked out of bed for snoring. :(
  2. F off big TV :D ,,,,,, (which i wont see much of cause im on tour soon :( )
  3. a week in the sun, drinkin the face clean off myself
  4. new sleeping back and some other bits

  5. You snore too? :D

  6. Yes but it is for the mrs so she can sleep on the couch ;)
  7. Either a pair of Lowas, a new Acoustic Guitar (Ashton SL29CEQ) Guccie webbing/bergen from Dragon supplies
  8. Not a truck full of Emo dwarf porn?

    New Multi Cam of soon to be old school DPM?

  9. Fvck, I missed a trick there! :evil:
  10. Last time I checked Dwarfs were your bag :wink:

    Probably the Multicam jobbie but if thats the case I'll need to run it by the PSI and see what the stance on that is. Might just leave that one though untill I get a place on Herrick
  11. I was back in London a few months ago, got of the Scotland train, down to KingsCross Tube and low and behold TWO African Pigmy/dwarves ........... I spend half an hour just following the little people about the tube...... I'm a sick sick man :D
  12. You are indeed a sickening individual, I still hate you for that 'Pierre the french fighter pilot' joke you told on the range
  13. It was just like "Hobits go on Holiday" in London :D

    I'll add a joke book to my list of wants :D
  14. new pair of custom oakleys, alloy wheels re-furbed and powder coated and new tyres. and maybe a few bits for the wee one and the missus if i feel generous
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Induction hob for the kitchen and 2,000 shotgun cartridges :)