mmmmm Bounty Bars How do you eat yours?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by brass_magnet, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. i like to eat them slowly, biting off all of the chocolate first. then nibbling at the coconut. I like the dark chocolate the best.
  2. Yes dark choclate is my favourite, and I usually unwrap the paper before eating.........................................why am I replying to this thread, there's a lot of useful things I could be doing instead!
  3. its a sunday and your as bored as me.
  4. Yes I concur on that, I suspect that this is one thread destined for the Arrse Hole! :oops: :roll:
  5. Lol maybe, but these threads have to start somewhere don't they. Before you have realise it they have 200 replies. Or maybe not.
  6. I'm a great believer in mastication.

    But then we all have our problems.

    I'm only here because the football is on.
  7. dark chocholate?? nah milk is best you poofs, surprised you even eat them rather than shove them up your arrse... dark chocolate!! ffs...
  8. errrr I'm not bored... honest... just need an excuse not to do the housework, pretending to be busy on my comp sounded like a strong one to me
  9. Tigerbaby, Whats up with dark chocolate? I dont like anything thats been watered down.
  10. Something about dark chocoate that screams gaaaaaaaaaay. What's wrong with normal milk chocolate?
  11. I dont like milk
  12. bet you didn't say that when you were sucking your mothers tit
  13. Thats not something I want to picture thanks lol
  14. You may have something tigerbaby, I was in hopital a couple of years ago having a camera shoved up my arse, it made me question my sexuality.

    Hmmm, a bounty bar with an outside ripple affect, I just might try it! :)
  15. I don't eat chocolate and my nurse doesn't like coconut so she sucks off all the choccy & I eat the middle bit