Discussion in 'RLC' started by john197014, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. If you want to stay in Germany join the Bundeswher. Most Brit units will be moving out in the next few years.
  2. There are a number of trades in the RLC that provide a good chance of a Germany posting. Have a gander at the transfers page on the ArmyNet in Don't hesitate to give RLC MCM Div a ring to explain your situation and seek some advice, they are approachable.
  3. There is a good chance you could stay in Germany being a PetOp, there are 3 Units of PetOps over there, although one is SNCO only.
    But as a PetOp i will answer your question not against retrades totally, but apart from "staying in Germany" why would you want to come across?
    You seem, time wise, going well. You at your 10yr point looking for Sgt. If you were to come over would you take the "mark time" of another 2 yrs before reaching a PetOp Sgt promotion board?? I say this as i wouldnt want a 1 year re-trade promoted to Sgt, and before anyone says that "he will only be doing Admin" some Sgt roles are tech related.
    Personally im for Ptes/L/Cpl's retrading, but when you reach Cpl by then you made your mind up about the job and shouldnt retrade. It also has an affect on the PetOp Cpls who have been in the trade since Pte. Being a small trade we tend to know who will get promoted and when :wink:
    An "outsider" moving in doesnt always go down well.

    Im not a Cpl by the way!
  4. utter utter sh!te....

    we're the really large corps with around of almost 20000 pax, 50% being employed outside of RLC units.

    incidentally, there are not 3 units of pet ops in germany.

    there are 2 fuel support sqns, one in gutersloh and one in bielefeld (which are a combination of pet ops and dvrs) and the germany pet inspectorate, co located with hq 102x (wo1, 2x ssgts, 1 x sgt), so actually not that many posts in germany at all...given your rank, i would expect that there are no more than 15 cpls slots

    maybe you should consider the driver trade. far more personnel in germany and your leadership skills will be more welcomed there.

    the cross training bill would be considerably less (i assume you can drive and may have a hgv licence) and your promotion chances greater
  5. As im a PetOp i know my own trade, and believe me a Cpl transferring in isnt always welcomed with open arms by other Cpls going for the same slot.
    You jumped at my statement as i put the outsider in speech marks to mean that a person transferring from outside the trade into an already hard fought slot might not get the open arms from his fellow Cpls. Im not saying MCM would feck you off!
    64 & 9 FSS and Pet Inspectorate equals 3 Units! Which means there are 3 chances of staying in Germany but Inspectorate only when he reaches the rank of SNCO!

    But agree with your statement about tranferring to Driver they are everywhere!
  6. a unit is a specific term and refers to a regt size grouping, a sqn is a sub-unit....

    there are however 2 units with pet-ops in them, and small det supporting uksc (g), different from 3 units. there are not 2000 or so pet ops in germany....i wish there were!!!!

    sorry to be a pedant, but i'm in one of those moods today!!!!

    peace man!
  7. You certainly are. Best thing for our friend to do is read the manual a(RTFM) and speak with RLC MCM Div.
  8. Cheers for the input guys,
    I know what you mean ref retrade,but Ive done my commanders course
    and being an old fart now(I joined up late!!)not sure i should be going mad on a tank anymore!!
    Yes Ive got C+E but my OC wont put me into our MT as he sees it as a backward step for me,and the main reason I was looking at pet op instead of driver was getting experience of petrol tanker driving, which correct me if Im wrong only they do,as its something I would fancy doing after my Army time is finished,and main reason I asked on here was to see any possible problems before I see my RCMO,which in itself could be one depending on his mood!!
  9. Nope as in every unit within the army you will find UBRE Ops they supply and issue the fuel at unit level and drive tankers up to 32,00 ltrs. To find out what a Pet Ops real role is why not contact them and find out I think you'll find they do alot more than just drive fuel, bulk fuel depots etc come under their remit
  10. Thats what Ill be doing after xmas leave :)
  11. You need to go to a Transfer Fair and get some decent advice. Entering any smallish trade mid-career will be challenging but if you are the right sort of bloke, with attitude and personality to match then you should be able to prosper. If you want a real challenge, Pet Op or AT will test you thoroughly. If your primary aim is staying in Germany then consider other trades such as Supplier, as they wil be here for the long haul. If you are already a tank commander being Dvr trade may be a bit of a step down for you.

    Lastly, if you transfer out of the RAC won't you loose your extra pay that comes with being a tank commander?
  12. pet ops, don't as a rule drive tankers....that is something that they can do, but the driving of tankers is left for the Dvr 110 trade with TTF Op as a SPECQUAL.

    Pet ops do the very technical side of life such as grading fuel, sourcing fuel, accounting and storing it etc.
  13. Couldnt agree more, not heard it enough times that "i want to be a PetOp to drive a fuel tanker..." or "surely ill walk onto a North Sea Oil Rig with all my PetOp quals...."
    On both counts, No!
    Even on the PetOp B3 course they have taken away the BFCV operating phase so now you dont leave the training school with the spec qual.
    I still say to you that Dvr trade or Supplier will give you the better oppurtunity to stay in Germany.
  14. Agree with CH512O on that i know when I was in fally there was a driver attached to 2 RTR. Plus Suppliers can also have small sections in RA units and Reme Btns so youd have a better chance staying in Germany. But a pet Op would be a better trade to have for when you leave the army. Some times you cant have the cake and eat it