Mmm women cops..

In this case police brutality is rather desireable.
Is that a flash of stocking top?

Cz Policie spokeswoman.jpg

Almost worth getting arrested.

Hell, almost worth paying to get arrested.
Meh.. crap cop.. she'd never be able to run down a perp in those's not regulation and that honking piece of tin she's got for a badge is skewing her uniform and pulling one boob out of place.[ I could fix that for her, mind.]..

as for TV cop-esses.. only one worth a mention.. Helen Mirren-Prime Suspect.. unless you're into retro then Cagney and Lacey
Female Czech Judges are far far better. No, no pictures! No problem with her judgement at all. AND OP reply to PMs cnut.

Leslie Ash in Cats Eyes
Women police are called cuntstubbles

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