Mmm women cops..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pit_Bull, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. Saw this on morning tv and felt the need to share Prague's Police spokeswoman Ms Eva Kropacova with fellow Arrsers... Makes you almost want to get arrested! 73 mins in if anyone feels the need, but not sure how long it will last there.

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  2. In this case police brutality is rather desireable.
  3. Compared to quality women cops in the UK.... Something's gotta change!

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  4. That's more like it!
  5. Is that a flash of stocking top?

    Cz Policie spokeswoman.jpg
  6. what about these:

  7. beautiful-women-uniform-soldiers-011.jpg

    Almost worth getting arrested.

    Hell, almost worth paying to get arrested.
  8. There's only one police woman........

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  9. Or in our case, Juliet Bravo (old school!)

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  10. Knowing my luck I'd get arrested by this...........

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  11. Meh.. crap cop.. she'd never be able to run down a perp in those's not regulation and that honking piece of tin she's got for a badge is skewing her uniform and pulling one boob out of place.[ I could fix that for her, mind.]..

    as for TV cop-esses.. only one worth a mention.. Helen Mirren-Prime Suspect.. unless you're into retro then Cagney and Lacey
  12. Female Czech Judges are far far better. No, no pictures! No problem with her judgement at all. AND OP reply to PMs cnut.
  13. And beaten up by her partner, they must have a mastiff as their patrol car to carry the weight.

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  14. Back in Blighty,ours are so fat the need mobility scooters.

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  15. This lot are from show in Yankee Land called 'The Policewomen of Broward County', all genuine coppers.....

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