mmlc gearbox

Discussion in 'REME' started by Pilot150, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Had a non starting mmlc DROPS yesterday, dash lights came on with the ignition but it would not turn over. Tried slaving, knocking the starter motor to no avail. It showed the same symptoms as trying to be started in gear, after a little head scratching I flicked the emergency gear lever back and forth a couple of times, reset it to neutral position and then it started as normal.

    Any idea of the cause for you REME types, as the emergency gearbox and normal gearbox are not physically connected other than the propshaft :?
  2. Forgot, sports afternoon. :bball:
  3. Yeah, they are all still at work!!
    I on the other hand am at SEME, which means nice sports afternoons- forgot what they were!
  4. my bold, there isnt an "emergency gearbox" as in 2 gearboxes. The main gear selector selects the gear electrically. The emergency gear lever mechanically selects a gear to get you moving. Not sure what gear it is, possibly 3rd and it stays in that gear to get you to safety or wherever.

    Its 8 years since i worked on DROPS maybe more so cant help you much further. I'd say it is the neutral switch tho that's telling the starter its in gear and inhibiting it.
  5. short out the inhibitor for confirmation - I had this fault several years ago.
  6. The emergency gear selector moves a lever on the left hand side of the gearbox (connected to a red cable below the LHS pump), it can be used to select either 3rd or reverse gears manually.

    Your fault sounds like a loose electrical connection somewhere possibly gear selector/inhibitor. It's also worth checking the connections at fuse B2 and your starter relay (the big one bottom right of the fuses).
  7. Thanks for the input gents, I'm a driver/ Instructor, but like to know why non L1 things are wrong to help with diagnosis and my own curiosity. Why on the driver/ Instructor courses do they tell you that the auxillary gearbox is located in the transfer box housing? I'm sure it shows that in the 201 as well? But I'm not near one at the moment.

    I'll pass your info onto our REME although they should know what the fault is without my input.
  8. Because the auxillary gearbox is located in the transfer box housing. On a DROPS all the T-box does is provide a reduction in the gear ratio and allow drive to be directed to the front and rear axles, with the option of locking the differential (FWD selection on your traction control switch). There is no Hi-Low selection involved.

    The emergency gear selector can be used to manually select 3rd or reverse gears, this is done by physically moving a lever on the left hand side of the gearbox and has nothing at all to do with the aux g-box. I'm getting deja vu now.
  9. Thanks Spaz, is all understood now. :D