Mme Tussauds refuse to make a Waxwork of Brown

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by littlemonster, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. This is super :D

    Link to Telegraph: Mme Tussauds Snubs Gordon Brown

    A nice reminder for the man that he is unelected. Mind you, if they did make a Gorgon waxwork , how would we tell the difference?
  2. Could tell the difference easily. One would have a constant blank expression, a misunderstanding of current affairs both domestic and international, total disregard for politics and the same bloody suit on, day in day out.

    The other would be a waxwork model.
  3. Easy, mate. The waxwork would be more animated.
  4. I'm sure they've made one already that they wheel out for certain functions. that rictus grin can't belong to anything breathing.
  5. The creators probably couldn't get that annoying mouth thing right, so probably just said, 'feck it, he'll be ousted soon anyway'.
  6. they could put a marble in his cheek!

    It'd need to have his speech looped to play : "I have nothing but praise for our armed forces"

    too bloody right he's got nothing else for us!
  7. Why make one out of wax when the original is made out of sh1t?
  8. Oh please make one so we can stick voodoo pins in it.
  9. i thought they already had made one of him???..

  10. all they have to do is wheel out an exisitng one of a Dalek, or better still ask the Russians if we can borrow Uncle Joe Stalin for a while and shove him in Tusauds with a bit of makeup and a change of clothes...

    ...As it is, Pa 'Glum' McBroon will probably the shortest serving Prime Minister in post-war British History... unless someone knows otherwise!
  11. I'l rather have Professor Gunther von Hagens make a model out of brown to be honest.
  12. Its due to the technical challenges.

    They can't stack shit that high!
  13. an artist has done something that looks like Brown to me


    It is apparently called 'The Man of Poo'.

    from Brainpoo
  14. Since when in the UK do we elect our PM?

  15. Easy, the wax one would have two glass eyes.