Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LeSAUSAGE, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Whats the score with MMA claims for duty purposes?!

    My travell cell tells me I now need Business insurance if I want to claim! I understand some of the reasoning (Im using my car for work)! But the trips I do are almost like commutes - from where Im based to other locations were I will stay for weeks on end! And I may be mistaken but I thought commuting didnt require this expensive insurance, and I only would need it for the odd trip! Im sure MMA factors these costs in per trip but it wouldnt pay for the annual expense I would be facing!! Furthermore a rail warrant wouldnt be practicable with all the kit I have to take etc! And if the cell gets me a driver and vehicle it would cost the MOD more! Plus on the otherside I would be incovenienced with not being able to get about after work! Or drive home on the weekend at my own expense!! And sometimes I have to return to base for brief periods too and this further complicates matters! Logistically speaking!

    What concern is it of the MOD if I have the Business or domestic use insurance! Public transport costs a whack more then my claims!

    Advice would be appreciated and abuse expected!

  2. The way i understand it is, you don't need business class insurance as long as you are just travelling to and from your place of work (camp) and your insurance covers this. If you have to travel from your normal work place (camp) to another work place (camp) eg on a course, then you need to have the extra insurance, when i added it to mine it didn't go up much, i think about 30 quid.

    Hope this helps, but no doubt there are more qualified people out there than me.

  3. It should cost peanuts, if at all. Comes free with my 4x4 insurance from NFU Mutual - and cheaper than any other 4x4 insurance provider.

    The Army are covering their and our backsides - the insurance company cannot wriggle out of paying on the grounds that you were working when you wrapped the skoda round the lamp-post.
  4. Cheers mate!

    Was that £30 for the period of the course or the year? Perhaps I should alter my insurance for each specific trip! What do you think?

    Insurance where I am based is through the roof! I think it would be cheaper to insure a car in Basrah! So Im looking to keep costs down!

    Ta :D
  5. Also, technically.... if you have any equipment in your vehicle belonging to the Army/to be used at work etc then you are meant to have business insurance as I had to in my civvie job. (If i'm wrong don't shout!)
  6. I suppose Free is the cheapest!lol :wink:

    What are the contact details of NFU if you dont mind me asking?

  7. Uniforms mainly! As my job can get Dirty!!

    Would this still count? Wouldnt Pax cover the stuff in the car?

  8. Not sure mate. The only experience I had was like I say, in my civvie job covering between sites. Because I had my kit with me for work use I had to have business insurance.
  9. When this new insurance thing came out i was due to renew mine so i went to quite a lot of insurance web sites and the best one I found was the AA as it not cost me any more to have the extra insurance placed on my policy. Maybe you should try that. Also for your journeys home on a week are you not claiming GYH(D) if not go and see your helpful pay clerk
  10. Been covered before:

    To summarise, the requirement comes from your insurer, not the Army. Most car insurance covers you for "social, domestic and pleasure" and "commuting to and from work". Most insurers consider that any journey you undertake on behalf of work for which you get paid (ie claim MMA) is business use, and only cover you if you take out their business cover. Your opinion and the opinion of your admin staff are utterly irrelevant, only your insurer can tell you what they cover you for. So ring them and check.

    If they require that you need business cover to claim MMA and you don't have it and you drive anyway you are driving uninsured, committing an offence and in deep poo should you have an accident. So again, ring your insurer and sort it out.

    Civvy firms have for a long, long time realised that their employees may not understand the finer details of car insurance so before they allow their employees to claim mileage they check that they have the correct cover. The Army has only just reached the same conclusion and what you see now is them raising their game to the level civvy street operate at. Makes you wonder how many squaddies have driven uninsured in the past.

    Of course the fact that MMA is half or less of the rates civy firms pay mileage at is just part of life's rich tapestry.
  11. C&C home fleet has just got herself a shiney new mini, she was told she had to have insurance for buisness use so she could us it for her civi job, thought it was going to cost an arm an a leg, Cost her the admin fee to change the policy details - £12
  12. I have obviously been one of the uninsured! Will get that sorted though!
  13. Below is an extract from JSP 752 detailing the insurance cover:

    04.0617. Insurance Cover. It is the personal responsibility of a Service person using their private motor vehicle on an authorised duty journey to ensure that the vehicle insurance policy covers the risks set out below and is insured for business use and has the following minimum cover:

    a. MMA at ODR (Offical Duty Rate). Service personnel using their private motor vehicle on duty journeys and claiming MMA at ODR must be insured with a financial limit of not less than £10M against claims in respect of:

    (1) Damage or loss of the vehicle.

    (2) Bodily injury to or death of third parties.

    (3) Bodily injury to or death of any passenger.

    (4) Damage to the property of third parties.

    b. MMA at PCR(Private Car Rate). Service personnel using their private motor vehicle and claiming MMA at PCR must be insured with a financial limit of not less than £10M against claims in respect of 04.0617a(2) to (4).

    c. Motorcycles. Service personnel using their private motorcycle on official duty must be covered by at least third party insurance.

    d. Equipment. Service personnel who use their private vehicle to convey cash, Service clothing or official equipment associated with their duties are to ensure that their insurance is not invalidated by the conveyance of such items.

    04.0618. Insurance Checks. When required, a Service person must furnish proof of insurance, by producing for inspection the policy together with the receipt for the current premium or the Certificate of Motor Insurance.

    If you want to make a claim for MMA you now must have the conditions set out above on your car insurance policy. You do not have to have the above conditions on your policy at all times but may have it detailed for the times you wish to claim MMA only. But must have proof that you have done so.

    In summary, to submit a claim for MMA without the relevant insurance cover will mean a return of monies and an investigation of fraud which could lead to disciplinary proceedings if it is discovered that you do not have said cover. This regulation comes into immediate effect.
  14. Civvy firms manage to cover their policies to ensure their employees drive legally when claiming their equivalent of MMA@PCR in one sentence to the effect that the employee needs business cover. Why the MoD see the need to thoroughly confuse everyone by using half a page to say the same thing beats me. It also forgets to mention the most important fact, namely that it is your insurer who decides whether or not you are legal, not some JSP.

    And the MMA@ODR requirement for £10 million cover for damage or loss of your own vehicle is barking mad. I cannot see any insurance firm in the country offering a policy to cover that, I mean who has a car worth £10 million ? They'll pay out what they think it's worth - or an agreed value - and that's it. Utterly baffling.
  15. This is more of a liability insurance!

    Point to note, in my 15 years of MMA claims, I have yet to be submitted a claim for ODR!