Just a quick one , does any one know with this new system thats been introduced. Do you need to produce any recipts for MMA i.e petrol recipts inorder for the claim to be procesed or is it still the same as the old system where you give them two destinations and they they work it out at x.xxpence per mile? :?
Yeah it's still the same. but regarding duty journeys, they are starting to psuh the rule (which ahs always been in force) stating that you must have business cover and £10 million liability on your insurance before they'll pay you duty rate MMA.
we have all just fecked that off & they will now have to provide a military vehicle for everything we do.

fecked it off primarily because of our CC, she is a (edited out of rage).
The problem with the current drive to ensure insurance is that it is being done incorrectly. You req the full business insurance policy if you use yr pers car for trips fm a place of work to another loc for meetings, shifting stores etc. We having the ruled applied that if you go on a cse fm GE to UK you cannot get MMA for the journey. Wrong so long as the journey is Block/MQ/leave address direct to cse loc you do not req business insurance.
You are proper fucked in GE as none of the currently authorised and accepted insurance providers for BFG cars will do the reqd cover.
The request mil tpt back fired on me the other day - 2 hrs 15 mins to travel 8km - obviously 2 hours 5 mins was spent sat in my arse waiting for a civvy driver to turn up to collect me.
It baffles me how the Army has approached something so simple and made it so incomprehensible. Your average insurance policy covers "social, domestic and pleasure" use and "commuting to and from regular place of work". If work pays you mileage (MMA in Army speak) for other journeys then your insurer usually considers it business travel and hence you're not insured for those journeys unless you take that option out.

In my experience civvy employers always check that you're covered before they let you claim mileage for trips, as they don't want you to be driving uninsured on their business. All we're seeing now is the Army finally waking up and doing the same.

So why the system has produced such a misleading, confusing verbose pile of cack as "guidance" baffles me. The bottom line is, ignore everything that Army tells you and talk to your insurer. They, and only they, can tell you whether or not you're insured when you claim MMA. Or get mil tpt.
Its good advice! But as these guidelines have been set down as rules, you could leave yourself open to disciplinary if you are found not to hav the army's required level of cover.

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