MMA @ PTR for cses

I was shown a letter today that maybe of interest to all intending to take their own car on cses and claim the MMA @ public transport rate from APOD to cse loc instead of flying and getting the hire car one way hire :x

The letter stated that unless proof could be provided of adequate insurance for the vehicle, the claim would not be paid. No news there, the 1771 has always had the insurance clause on the back. The new bit was the requirements

1. Must be insured for business use (No change)

2. Must have Third Party liability insurance (No change and included on all motor insurance)

3. Must have third party indemnity insurance (Don't know if this is a change, but I checked and it will part of your motor insurance or at least the legal costs insurance add on)

4. The amount for paras 2 & 3 must be at least £10000000 (Yes ten million!) 8O

This is a big change! I checked my policies and one offers 3mill and the two for BFG cars give 1 mill only. Now I would hope that would be enough but not many people will be able to claim if this is enforced.

Is 10 mill necessary? :? Will this be enforced? :? Is this a ploy to pay less claims? :? :roll:

I will investigate the increase in premium req to get 10 mill cover and report back. Anyone care to comment?
Dead easy, get the hire car if you can't get the insurance cover. Of course you WANT to take your car back to UK though for personal use ?

Quite right for MOD to protect itself from those Sky TV ambulance chasing lawyers - we just get in the way.
See link for previous discussion in this area:

My civvy policy in the UK offers £20 million, which is the standard amount, I didn't pay more for extra. At least one other poster had the same. Is your insurance a standard civvy policy or is it a "squaddy friendly" insurer ?

That said, in my experience civvy employers merely demand that you are legal when claiming mileage, they're not fussed about the details.

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