MMA on asignment to Germany

Sorry if this has been thrashed before, but I cannot find any detail in the archive.

I am posted (assigned) to Germany from the UK next month. I am taking my own car across as 99% of people do. I have both business and Social domestic Pleasure To/From work insurance on my car for Germany. What can I claim for with respect to MMA from UK to Germany on assignment ?

I have seen the recent relaxation on SDP to/from work insurance allowed for assignment moves but no-one can seem to clarify what I can claim.

Any info would be appreciated.

Don't know if it's changed, but it always used to be MMA claim from UK place of duty to port of embarkation (for ferry/tunnel to France/Germany). Complain about that and some AGC spotter in the Pay office will restrict you to MMA from place of duty to airport of departure (as if you where flying on the military porvided flight) and quote some obscure regulation which nobody can ever find!!! What a caring (IiP) organisation we belong to

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