MMA cut by 6p a mile?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. Ive had some reports that the MMA rate has been cut by 6p a mile, can this be right?

    If I have to go to my corps HQ (which isnt that often,praise de lord) I have a round trip of 300 miles, so for this journey I will be around £18 out of pocket, the allowance will only cover the fuel costs with nothing for wear and tear of my vehicle, time to buy a smart car maybe!

    "Sorry mate cant give you a lift, only enough room for me and me kit!"
  2. This is right. this is a reason I had pushed out from one source:

    Motor mileage rates are not calculated as recompense for petrol or wear and tear on cars and the price of petrol is therefore inconsequential to the calculation albeit, I recognise, not to the impact on the individual. The rates are in fact calculated on an average of costs for rail journeys between points across the UK encompassing all rail companies and peak and off-peak travel times. This average is then calculated against the road mileage for the same journeys and a suitable rate is determined. This leads to today’s somewhat incongruous scenario of mileage rates falling as the actual cost of fuel for car travel increases exponentially. This may not be a palliative but is fact.

    C'est la guerre. But at least Nick Clegg has promised we'll get the wages of the emergency services so with the unwashed masses thinking they are voting for a president who does well on TV we may be on the up and up...
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  3. msr

    msr LE

    Best they change the formula then...
  4. Dunno. But years ago I was expected to use my own car to travel all over the UK visiting and replenning search teams with everything (including massively expensive detection equipment) except explosives. I was only allowed to claim the minimum rate and each claim was scrutinised until the writing wore off the paper. At one stage the pay office was 11 months behind with settling the 1771's I'd submitted. So one day I declined to use my car any more. My work load dropped off quite nicely, since we didn't really have enough vehicles to go round. HQ then took over replen and some other soft touch got rubber dicked into using his car. For a short while I went some places by train on military travel warrants. Excellent, since you could only travel off peak and via the most incredibly long routes (via Crewe, quite often), so I would be out of camp for days on end. That didn't last long of course. So after a while they used to send me to Scotland and back in a wheezing old Mk3 land rover that did about 16 mpg and with a top speed of about 62mph. The system was quite barmy then and it prolly still is.
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  5. HMRC

    Extra hassle, but you shouldn't end up out of pocket.

    Edited to say- OK, you'll be out of pocket if 40p per mile doesn't cover fuel, etc, but you get my meaning!
  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    Form P87 if it isn't mentioned in that pdf. Just filled mine in for last year, got a nice cheque the year before once they'd processed it!
  7. Ok,does this mean I can get a hire car to get to my unit, since we don't possess any vehicles?
  8. A claim, as above, can be made to HMRC, provided the journys are for work reasons. Journeys between home and TAC are inadmissable.
  9. That's the journey that I'm wondering about, RESPOD or whatever its called now.
  10. Are you sure about that?

    I thought you could claim for journeys to locations other than your usual place of work, and that the TA - being casual labour - don't have a usual place of work.

    If the TAC were a usual place of work, then wouldn't travel expenses paid by the TA be taxable, like normal salary?

    Happy to be corrected if I have misunderstood.
  11. what are current MMA rates please?
  12. £8974968465465465465.09 per mile if your a reg or Ta -£987.000.
    So pay up :D
  13. Can I complete the form if I didn't get the milage as the bloody MT refused to give me an unavailability chit as they were closed...Grr I got 0p per mile!
  14. The ODR is the HMRC rate of 40p per mile for a car but good luck getting your CoC to authorise that. The Private Car Rate is calculated from the AA's running cost per mile (the AA) plus Parker's depreciation per mile (no web link available).

    Seeing as the AA's number has gone up this year, Parker's must have gone down significantly. This also affects those on HDT as the HDT rate is calculated from the PCR. More info in JSP 752 but no reasoning why the rate has gone down.

    The figures should all be based on driving a medium-sized car (say 1.6 Focus petrol) and should mean that you are not out of pocket for running expenses (not standing expenses such as Road Tax) but I only drive a 1.4 petrol and I doubt the PCR will cover much more than my petrol at current prices.

    Maybe someone in the know can clarify why everything went down this year?
  15. Unfortunately HMRC use the get-out clause that commuting to and from your place of residence is not a business expense so you don't get to claim that back, so no tax relief on HDT or GYH.

    Also, because MoD have the 40p per mile rate (albeit with very restrictive approval for its use) I don't even think you can claim it back on the Private Car Rate.