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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by asr1, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. does anybody else have to provide written evidence of £10m 3rd party liability insurance before their 1771 is honoured or is it just my unit? it has certainly saved them a lot of money off their mma budget so far this year.....
  2. Hmmmmm, I can quite see how your unit might want to see your insurance certificate, and that your vehicle is insured "Business - Class 1", as these are requirements for a 1771 to be paid, you must hold Business class 1 insurance as you are using your vehicle on duty and in connection with your business, but that should be it, this idea of 10 million 3rd party is surely a pile of poo.
  3. our unit wanted it as well, told them did not have it & now they have to provide me with a vehicle every time i go anywhere which is quite often.

    apparently this ruling has always been there just someone somewhere has brought to the forefront all of a sudden.
  4. Some units are producing a self certifaction certifcate as proof that you hold the required insurance. Just beaware that if you dont hold the correct insurance reqiurements you will be liable to pay back the money from your claim. also ensure you keep all receipts for food and no a marsbar and a can of coke don't count it must be food ie mcdonalds or even a KFC. hope this is of some help
  5. Might I direct you at previous threads where this has been discussed.

    The bottom line is that the Army is now checking that you are insured when you claim MMA. If you are paid MMA without business cover on your policy you have probably voided your insurance. If you have a bump you are then personally liable for all costs arising and will get prosecuted by Plod for driving without insurance. And no doubt your unit will have something to say as well.

    That said, the JSP is particularly confusing and badly written. The £10 million is a bit of a red herring, my policy has a limit of £20 million as standard (read the booklet).

    Business cover can be free (mine was, old git and boring car) so ring your insurer and ask.
  6. i've put in claims for the last 8 years and never had any of this sh1t before. why do they bother? it's going to be hire cars for me all the way from now. fukcing jobstworthy sh1ts.
  7. ASR - I take it that was another dig at the clerks cos they make all the rules up themselves as you are aware!!
  8. Actually, if you are away from barracks for more than 5 hours and have no access to scoff, a mars bar and a can of coke does count, and you don't need a receipt for anything unless it is more than £5. (That's a daily thing of course, and must be claimed for on the 1771)
  9. It's not the Army this time. If you haven't got business cover on your policy you've probably been driving uninsured every time you've claimed MMA. All the Army is now doing is what civvy firms have always done, checking you're covered before they let you drive.
  10. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Check your policy. I'm with esure and the standard cover is up to 20 million. Just checked Direct Line and they are the same.
    You may well already be covered.
  11. Actually, if you read the regulations closely enough, you will see that if a person really wants to push it they are quite within their rights to claim up to the £21 threshold with no receipts at all. Although many units severely discourage this and enforce self certification chits and "statements of expenditure".

    Even if you don't claim MMA but use your car for a duty journey you have still voided your insurance. Business use is business use whether you claim for it or not, and we all know how much insurance companies love to avoid paying out!

    You may have £1 billion in liability insurance but without business cover you still won't be able to claim.