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In 2001 I undertook the MLT(S) course but due to 'Foot and Mouth' it had to be done in the Picos De Europa in Spain. At its conclusion we were told that the MLTB would not recognise it as it was not conducted within the UK. I know that JSMTC were working on getting this issue sorting but have never heard anything back about it? Does anyone know if we were able to get our accreditation (I now have a pretty full UK-based log book) as I've been offered some voluntary work with Youth Award Schemes during the latter half of this Summer.
If it is just the training side you are after and not the assessment then you can apply for exemption from the mltb. All you need is your 40 QMD's on log, be registered with the MLT of your country and a member of the BMC. Send all this off along with the fee and you will be given exemption.

Follow this link

All the info is there.
If you were a JSMEL or UEL, or you are totally confident in your ability - go for one of the cheaper assessments - from an individual assessor. Sure, if you go to Plas Y Brenin, it'll be absolutely top-notch with full facilities, but at the end of the day it'll cost you £200 more. Also, a lot of the smaller or individual assessors will let you do your assessment over 2 weekends if it fits your work better.

The only thing I would say is that they sometimes look at Services MLs to make sure you can deal with total numpties that are totally out of shape, or have no clue whatsoever about walking around in the woods - as they can be under the impression that you would have only led groups of squaddies that all else being equal would probably be able to sort themselves out in a minor emergency.
A couple of things to be aware of, I doubt the MTLB will honour your course as it wasn't conducted in the UK, However you could chase the relevant instructor at the JSMTC centre that provided the course and get an update . Via phone or letter?

The Mil MLT award allows you to take other service persons max 6 to a place below the snowline of ungraded ground that you have been before, there is some other small print.

The Civvy MLT course qualifies you for fark all, and is a training course, thats wether you do it or get exemption, bearing in mind your exemption documents are scrutinised by a board that meets every month at Siabod Cottage, Plas Y Brenin. It s a 3 week turnaround minimum and you need to have more than minimum days experience and referees, they are really keen these days due to the amount of bluffers trying to pull a fast one. Go to PYB to do your course if you want the latest best safe practices, more expensive but worth the money.

Have a look here

There is no exemption allowed from ML assessment, and no employer especially of youth groups would employ you to take groups without a pass and a current relevant First Aid certificate, and police screening documents if working with kids.

There has been a number of years grey areas where AYT's and CTT's have taken non military personnel on AT without the adequate civvy quals, all good and well till the poo hits the fan.

Contact your G3 LTAR at Bde or Chief instructor at any JSMTC if you want to hear it spoken......

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