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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by plant_life, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. Am off to do my MLT in a couple of months and I'm in the process of getting registered with the Army Mountaineering Association and getting my log book. I just want to know if you have to be walking over a certain height to get your quality days. The reason why I ask is because I've been walking round Dartmoor a fair bit and I was wondering if they would count.
  2. got a feeling they have to be over 650m and lasting more than 6 hours, but i could be wrong. ringing the MLTB will clarify things for you - google their website
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    Sounds about right. Looking forward to JSMEL/MLT proper, they look for/prefer Scotish QMDs, then the Lakes, then Wales. Big mountains abroad don't necessarily count for too much either - a good friend failed with 3 months Pyrennean walking...
  4. Just to avoid any confusion you will need to pre registar with the Civvy MTLB if you want the civvy award. This can be done by contacting these bods You will have to pay for registeration and log book but your Mil MLT couse can provide your training sticker if you meet the standard required and if there is a civvy "Provider" at the JSMTC centre. You will need to tell them before you arrive if you are wanting the civvy award. It takes up to 6 weeks for your logbook and application to be returned from the MTLB.

    You will need to be a member of the AMA, membership secretary at JSMTC I (Wales) if you want the civvy award give her a ring.

    They dont have logbooks as such at the AMA but you can download pages from the MTLB site and make your own logbook if you dont want the civvy award.

    Before attending a training course you should have logged at least 20 QMD's

    The MTLBs definition of a QMD is as follows:

    "In terms of experience the quality of a mountain day lies in such things as the conditions experienced both overhead and under foot, the exploration of new areas , the terrain covered and the physical and mental challenge. Such days make a positive contribution towards a persons development and maturity as an all round mountaineer"

    Usually all or some of these criterea would be fullfilled.

    The individual takes part in planning and leadership.
    Navigation skills away from marked paths.
    Experience must be in terrain and weather comparable to that found in UK and Irish hills.
    Knowledge is increased and skills practiced.
    Attention payed to safety.
    Five hours or more journey time.
    Adverse conditions may be encountered.

    In a nutshell your time on Dartmoor if it meets the above will earn you more brownie points than 20 x The fan dance, although each case is different and it will be taken into accountwhen you present your logbook.

    One word of caution is not to copy others logbooks , Your integraty will be at stake if captured!!

    If you need any other int PM via "Rear Party" as my Pm's on here are disabled due to me being a child that brings the site into disripute.
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  5. Details are here Also if training via military instructors, check to see if they are civilian mlt accredited, or you will just end up with the military qualification. Dartmoor good for nav skills, and you will need them!, but try to get to scotland or wales, as you cant beat proper mountain walking. Aviemore a good base in scotland. as decent pubs and rothiemurchas lodge, where acomodation can be booked through ped flight at raf lossiemouth, also a tip, that catches a lot of military guys out, is storming ahead of the group when your doing a lead, allways look after the slowest guy too.
  6. Horse shitee! They look for experience where you have been tested any experience that involves bread and butter Nav skills in any of the National parks, Its not exactly hard naving to the top of a hill!!

    edited cuase I spelt Shite right!
  7. Cheers for all the advice. I'm going to get the civvy qual, want to work towards JSMEL award. I've most of my walking around Snowdonia so when I go up to Indevatigble that should prove a bit of a help
  8. QMD has to be over 900m
  9. over 900m?? or feet?? because 900m rules out everything in the brecon beacons and that can't be right ... can it?
  10. Sheep, Bogs, Babies heads and rampant welsh farmer's?
  11. rampant sheep, boggy welsh farmers and babies heads ... sounds tidy, see
  12. DPM

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    Look before you leap - when assessing for MLT/JSMEL, and because they are giving you an audited civvy qual, they want experience in rough and rugged areas (Scotland) where you need to properly navigate, not areas where any country bumpkin can use an AA atlas to get to the top of the hill (Wales). I agree, a mix is best, but having spoken to one of their instructors very recently on the subject, Scottish QMDs are favoured by far to 'any of the National Parks'. You'd also do well to practice your teaching skills. Each potential instructor has to teach something on each long leg, not just 'nav to the top of the hill'.

    Horse shite? You stink of it.

  13. Scottish mountain days are not mentioned in the pre requisite or required for assesment for Civvy or Mil Quals by the MLTB or JSMTC, They require a varied logbook and there are many out there who have not been to Scotland and hold the award.

    Now this may be different for the SMLTB and Scottish winter QMDs are required for Winter ML and MIA/MIC

    Im not turning this into a pissing contest but I can vouch that log book experience is the biggest trip hazard on a course of this nature.

    There has been cases in the past of military candidates turning up at JSMTC/NGB centres with singing and dancing logbooks that are somtimes copied and somtimes true/bluffed wanting exemption from training and assesment, however a percentage cant navigate to the vicinity of cookhouse and make themselves and the military look like a bunch of tits.

    To that end exemption is no longer given for assesment for JSMEL.

    The logbook will give the DS an introduction to a candidate and by no means an exemption from cutting the mustard.

    Anyhow I prefer the "Little Chef" road atlas when on the ground as it fits in my neck mounted pvc map case a treat! :wink:
  14. Nope. 600m or higher.