Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by one-one-delta, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Just been told my bid for an MLT cse in wales has been successful for the end of this month. Was wondering if anyone who has attended it recently could give me an idea of the course program and any tips.

    cheers in advance
  2. I did this course in early april last year, I doubt it has changed much since then.

    Did mine in ripon but we had one instuctor from the scotish JSATC.
    the basic outline is

    Split in to groups of 6-7

    Day 1 arrive
    short theory lecture

    more thoery (weather)
    Navigation exercise (used perminant orienteering course)
    debrief and thoery start planning overnight ex

    Day 3
    surpirse suprise thoery again
    rope work (one of the more enjoyable parts of the course)
    debreief draw and check stores for exped

    Day 4
    Start of exped
    each person alternates to 'lead'

    night nav in simular format (overnight in tent)

    Day 5
    continue exped.
    arrive back
    post exped admin

    Day 6
    river crossing
    Final Debrief
    Bugger off home.

    Pretty much an attendance course for anyone with decent nav skills, for the rest just listen to the insturctor and do what they say.
  3. cheers thanks for the info :headbang: