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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by krazyfool, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. Do you need a log book or not for this course? What is the kit like they issue you to use on the course?

  2. Best take a log book. The guidelines are in the JSP for Adventurous Training (can't remember the number). You can download blank logbook pages at the MLTB UK and BMC websites.

    The kit is excellent. All in all, a brilliant course to do.
  3. It all depends on whether you want the Civvy Qual at the same time. The MLTB states that you need 20 Quality Mountain Days (QMDs) before you can attend the MLT training ang subsequently get your logbook sticker. If you only want the Army qual, then it's not a drama (I think...)
  4. Depends where you do it and if you are bluffing your 20 quality days.
    If you are, then your wasting everyones time, if you're not then dont worry about a log book as they can see if you have any experience from day 1.
    Also if you have at least 10 quality days and are in the least bit serious wouldn't you already have your own kit? Or at least not be worried about the kit they were going to issue you?
  5. You don't need a log book as such. You only need one if you want the civi qual. It's well worth getting as it costs a bomb to get if you pay yourself. You can get exemtion though if you have the MLT for £50 i think it is.

    Everyone gets issued kit, whether you use it is up to you. The kit is actually pretty good. I used the bits of it that were better than my own. It's a good course, have fun!
  6. I had a great time on this course, but went log book-less and now only have the mil qualification. I wasn't bothered at the time, but now realise that it would have been usefull - not least because I now work with a few civvys who I can't bring on exped with me as I am not qualified to lead them. Rest assured that when I go back to 'upgrade' myself to ML(S) I will be logged up to the max and getting the civvy qual as well. Log book or not, don't go on the course if you haven'tt done time in the hills first. The Summer Mountain Proficiency (SMP) would be a good introduction for someone who isn't experienced enough to go on a leadership course.

    BTW, I did the course at Ballachulish and it was awesone, what are people's experiences of Indy/Ripon?
  7. Ripon dont get the option of the Civ qual as the hills used arent hilly enough
  8. So they dont do there expeds in the Lakes anymore.......
  9. This must be a very recent change as I did MLT there 2nd-7th April 2006 and if you have the requisite number of QMDs you would have got the award. None of us did but you could send off the report (with £15?) and apply for an exemption from the civi MLT awarding authority. The exped was from Honister pass to Three Shires Stone in the lakes.

    Kit is good but the water proofs are heavy and bulky.
    If you have you own stove I would bring that too (the issue is trangia(sp.)).

    If you want to do some theory preparation I would focus on weather (synomptic charts) but it would be gar better to head for the hill for a couple of weekends.
  10. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but rather use the search function than create another eh?

    Is the information still correct in this thread? If not what bits have changed?

    How many days does the course consist of? and how many of those are in the hills?

    I have completed all DoE levels and gone walking in the hills quite a few times since, nearly reaching 40 QMD's

    Thanks for any info!
  11. 5 days, you'll be fine with the above. Book on to an MLT (MLTE) course for the civvy qual, or hope they have the instructors avail on an MLT course.
  12. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I'm already a member of MLTNI. But my OTC unit is offering to let me go on the Mil version and was wondering what that was like and what is required in order to get both the civvie and mil one
    Should have stated that in my previous post, apologies.
  13. If you have already done MLT with MLTNI you should try for JSMEL (S).
  14. Turn up with a log book, and make it convincing. Did mine fairly recently and turning up without a satisfactory log book didn't go down well at all with the instructors. It was explained to me that the MLT course isn't a Navigation course, more leadership. The book is proof that you have experience in naving and are competent enough to worry about others as well as yourself through your experiences.