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I have just found out that i am due to go on a MLT in wales starting on sunday, but have not recieved anything on what the course is about and what we wil be doing. I dont really know much about it, but have been told o have to do it to get more people on adventure training courses. Does anyone know where i can more information on what happens (day to day programme), what is expected and what its all about so that if i have to prep i can cram it in now. Im not at work between now and then and can not acces anything as you see to need the defence net. Im not very fit and am worried i will fail on this, but have been told by my bosses that you dont need to be....which i assume you do. But i think its a ploy to get me to go. Can anyone please help even if its just to ease my mind!

Sounds like you have been given a fast ball. Hints and tips. A good level of fitness is useful, the course is a mountain leadership course, if your hanging out you can't really function properly with regard to keeping your group safe.

Navigation a solid basic level of navigation is a must. Make sure you know your pacing of 100m on different types of ground if possible.

You will be taught everything you need to know. it is a good course. Indy is a bit bleak for things to do in the evening, however after a day on the hills and a couple of cheap stellas bed comes quite early for most.

If you want to know anything else pm me.
As long as you can pass a BPFA/ CFT you will be fine fitness wise. Walking paces are not very demanding and you can stop frequently to check your map / bearing, if you start to get tired.

A basic level of mapreading is required, but you will be coached to a good standard. If you have pacing beads then take them.

All equipment is supplied but I recommend taking a camelback if you have one.

It makes a change camping out and not being tactical, so dont bother taking red torches. White light rules especially during the Night Navigation exercise.
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