Discussion in 'Gunners' started by easymoney, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. Saw on sky news last night MLRS being unloaded on the front line.Pin point accuracy and due care and attention of innocent civilians high on Isreals list of priorities.MLRS Grid Square Removal Service not known for pin point accuracy.We deeply regret the civilian casualties YEA RIGHT.
  2. It all depends on whether they have GMLRS I suppose; and on whether you/they think they are warfighting or not. US certainly doesn't seem to mind.

    MLRS firing in Iraq
  3. CS, True very true.With the amount of media coverage we should see it fire and land,then we might have an answer.I believe they will use it with no concern for civilian casualties,as has been shown throughout this conflict.
  4. What do you call a member of Hezbollah when he is not carrying his AK47?

    A civilian?
  5. The only ways for Israel to come out of the current situation with what they want is either:

    a) for a force, willing to inflict casualties on either of the sides if they transgress, being introduced as a peace-keeping/buffer force through diplomatic means [could be Syria perhaps, but the US have only just forced them out of Lebanon after thirty(?) years, and the pro-Israeli-ish al-Abbas regime will not be there indefinitely] or,

    b) through degradation of Hizbollah forces to something close to 0%CE. Realistically, Israel is going to find it hard not to go in on the ground and sooner rather than later, to avoid diplomatic pressure (US supplies the smart weapons and the jet fuel...) to cease its action.

    Once they do go in then, if they are not to find themselves in an insurgency situation parallel to the (Iranian backed) one in Iraq, and with which they can't deal indefinitely for domestic political reasons, they are going to have to deal with the infrastructure of Southern Lebanon in a reasonably gloves off manner.

    At that point, the relationship between Probable Error stats for an MLRS strike and the location of civilian habitation are going to pail into insignificance.
  6. Question - are the Israelis as trigger happy as the Yanks?

    Answer to be provided in the light of them wiping out a UN observation post.

    How long has UNIFIL been there? About 30 years? Surely enough time to plot their OPs on a map?