MLRS Queen video

Does anyone have on video/dvd/or pc format the footage of MLRS firing in time to 'don't stop me now'. I saw it at the school a couple of years ago, but no one else I have spoken to has seen it. The MLRS firing footage on the gunner site is not really up to presentation standards. Also, does anyone have what I believe was the old RA presentation team video to Bittersweet symphony? Many thanks to anyone who might be able to help.
Try the video dept at Arty Centre...if anyone will know they will. Good luck.
GunnersQuadrant said:
I could give you the RSchA (Sorry Arty Centre :? ) MLRS Sect number if you need it
Arty center :?

Sounds like something out of a play 8O

Royal School of Artillery, now that sounds like it is :wink:
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