Mllllaaaaarrrr At The Theatre


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This afternoon we went to the theatre to see a production of Joseph and His Fcuking Raincoat.

Sadly we were sitting in front of an outing from the Mallarrrr & Twiglet Centre.

Throughout the show I had an old biddy telling her friend about her singing at school.

“Ooooh, Edith, I were a good singer at school. I got sent to the headmistress for singing in school.”

To my left was another one with her tongue hanging out and the breathing pattern of Ivor the Engine.

The general sound was something like. “I closed my eyes….pishhtychooo, MmALLLAAAARRR!” for two hours.

Until the final song.

“I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain……FFFAAAAARRRRRTTTT, MAALLLAAAARR!

Cue Maninblack and Soninblack with tears rolling down their cheeks.”
You sir, are an evil man :lol:

Especially as my boss now wants to know what I've been laughing at.


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