Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by milkybar, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. Is there any upto date information on the MLAT, can anyone apply to do the mlat or do you to be in a certain ceq...????

    Cheers in advance,

    please no incoming..... :D :D
  2. It's a test that was designed in the 50's!

    All together

    Tdij, tijj, tish, tijw
  3. tidgculum renner ren ..
  4. they still have the same yucky voices from the 50's too - to say that it's a tad dated is an understatment (!!!) .. it's not a test you can pass or fail per se - it's just a measure of your aptitude for learning languages..

    go here --> for some information ..
  5. cheers for the site blowers answers all my questions
  6. whats are the courses like at dsl are they hard to get on?
  7. no worries :O)
  8. I couldn't tell you sorry, not even in the army yet - just passed the selection a few weeks ago, of which the MLAT is a part .. start basic at the beginning of september .. hoorah!
  9. how did u do on the mlat
  10. I wasn't told my score, I was just told that I passed. Apparently to pass the selection (but not necessarily qualify for language training) you had to have scored over 80 out of 190, and to qualify for language training (which i did) you had to score over 120 out of 190 so i suppose i must have scored over 120 .. but that's all i know lol
  11. You said earlier it wasn't a pass or fail test...make your mind up!
  12. haha sorry (i'm tired - it's a perfectly viable excuse!!) no the test itself in it's original design is not pass or fail, as i said it's just a measure of your aptitude to learn languages. When the army uses it to select who they consider suitable to train for languages they've obviously got to draw the line somewhere - so in that respect i suppose it's pass or fail. i think (not 100% sure though) you can re - take the test after 5 years if you didn't get the result you wanted? you'd have to get that verified by someone already serving though - like i said, not even got my foot in the door yet lol ..
  13. Yes I know I have done it...(and gald I did badly)

    You do well then Jackpot, you get to spend 18 months of your life learning a language, your fecked! (But if thats what flicks your switch!) Most normal people do badly and end up with a good job in the Corps!
  14. scorptin - currently a scaley rs op can i transfer across if i get a good score or are they just recruiting new recruits from civ street
  15. haha, yeah i've read similar postings to that on other threads here .. erm .. not sure if it flicks my switch, we all had to sit the MLAT and were told whether we passed or failed later on, so didn't really have a choice in the matter lol ..

    so how does that situation work anyway? i mean, do you volunteer for the language training, or do they volunteer you ..?? how long after phase 2 would it likely to be or is there not really a timescale? (spanish inquisition!)