Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mackemmaggot, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Doing MLAT next week, what happens if a get a pump score? Can I retake the test again or do you have to wait any length of time?
  2. If you get what you call a "pump" score then that is the score that will be recorded. You cannot retake and if you score below the cut off level you will not be recommended for language training.

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  3. Cheers DW I knew about the cut off level, I thought you would have been able to take it again though.
  4. It isn't a test pf learning or knowledge though you will obviously do better if you aren't hung over etc - it is an aptitude test so give it your best shot and if it suggests languages are not for you then so be it. If you get a good score then happy days.
  5. As above.

    I did it for a laugh and it was available and free.

    I passed on the lower score, not sure how it all works but I think I can go in for the less harder languages (European etc) if I so wish. It's on my JPA competencies as a 60-74% pass or something.

    I was shit at languages at school so I was surprised.

    Good luck

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  6. There is an MLAT intro test on the net. It gives an idea of what to expect.

    MLAT Sample Items