MLAT exam

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by deadweight, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. i heard that noone ever failed an MLAT exam.
  2. The MLAT is not an exam DW, it's a test.

    Yes, people do fail MLAT tests, these people are known as "Spec Ops" and "OPMIs". They are generally not as socially skilled as linguists and have smaller penises. Shout "Hey, acorn dick!" at the Supvr R Dinner and 120 embarrassed faces will look back at you.

    Shout it at the Int Corps WOs' Convention and the only people who look round (in either the "direction" or "physical appearance" sense) are the OPMI element. Most of them of them will also be male.
  3. Deerhunter, prepare for incoming mate.

    Serious note for DW MLAT is an aptitude test therefore no pass or fail.
  4. so my statement is correct then.exam/test potatoe/potato
  5. I know mate, it's like shooting tortoises with a 12 bore. :thumright:
  6. So that makes DW

    a. A NIG who has just completed an MLAT
    b. A NIG who is now in Lang Trg
    c. A knob who doesn't know what he's talking about.
  7. I thought it was neither a test, nor an exam, but an assessment.
  8. Correct, much like HUMINT, language skills are either something you have or something you don't.

    Mind you, when you see the standard of writing by darksiders that get proper jobs for 2 years you do sometimes wonder..........
  9. Oh please......!
  10. I have some experience in this matter. The lightside SNCO on his 2nd Sy tour will always have better SD than the darksider on his first. Yourself excepted obviously.............
  11. And where do you think flattery is going to get you?
  12. Astonishing, we must know each other. You must have clicked on the green MLAT?

    p.s. What the hell is a Nig?
  13. The prosecution rests M'Lud...
  14. Sort of correct DW, as said previously on this thread, it's not an exam, it's a test to measure you're ability to assimilate the grammar and vocabulary of a foreign language.

    Therefore, no one has FAILED it as such, although many people have been deemed "unsuitable for language training". It's usually accepted that any score above 120 is "pass", although I have seen people turn up on language training having achieved scores considerably less than that. Not our fault, as our job was only to administer and deliver the MLAT, then to process the results.

  15. Further to the Bagmeister's erudite explanation-raw score is processed on to Centile (out of 100) levels. Individual areas of the test can be give guidance as to which skills an individual may show most promise in, ie listening comprehension and/or speaking. One of the most frequent requests for MLAT comes from officers at Maj/Lt Col level hoping to be considered for MA/DA post later on as well as younger personnel loking at humint type jobs. For mor information talk to your Divisional Language Advisor (via your local AEC).