Mladic - latest speculation

Banja Luka.
General Ratko Mladic was arrested in Romania by British SAS commandoes yesterday during joint British - Romanian security forces drill, Director of Serbia and Montenegro International Institute for Security Orhan Dragas told in interview with RTRS, Bosnia agency FENA informs.

Dragas stated Hague Tribunal refuted information on Mladic’s arrest because Mladic has not yet been handed over to The Hague.
According to Dragas Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica was wise not to want Ratko Mladic to be arrested by Serbian police.

“Ratko Mladic did not want to give himself in and according to my information a compromise decision was taken him to be arrested by British SAS in Romania early yesterday morning”, Dragas claims.

According to him Vojislav Kostinuca is expecting Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Carla del Ponte to arrive these days and bring written guarantee that the Tribunal will not accuse Serbia for Radovan Karadzic.


If true, this has been a long time coming. I remember Jeremy Bowen's chilling description at the time of this psychotic, evil man.


Didn't think it would be long before the SAS were mentioned in relation to this story!!
Dear Caller,

Thank you for your enquiry concerning FRY PIFWC arrests. Your call is in a holding system. Your call is important to us. Thank you for your patience.

We regret all Special Forces lines are busy at this time. Do you wish to hold ?

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'Ello. You have reached UK Special Forces. We regret this branch has now closed due to government neglect. All enquiries should be directed to Aegis Special Risk Management. Same risk, better pay. Goodbye." Beeeep.
The rumour mill has been going mad at the moment, suggestions of the joint Romanian SF OP, another that he had been arrested in Tuzla, etc etc. Carla Del Ponte mad an announcement the other day that he has not been taken to the Hague and that ICTY have not had confirmatio of any arrest. She has said that negotiations are ongoing and that moves are afoot. This is all open source

The BBC version appears closer to the truth

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