MLA is cleared of benefit fraud

If it was one of us we'd be banged up!Double standards or what! :evil:

DUP MLA David Hilditch has been cleared of benefit fraud.

It had been claimed the East Antrim representative had wrongfully claimed £2,644 in disability living allowance (DLA).

This was after he allegedly failed to report improvements to a condition which would have affected his entitlement to DLA.

However, a judge at Belfast Magistrates Court on Tuesday said the assembly member had no case to answer.

In 2007 the Carrickfergus-based politician hit the headlines after it emerged he had taken part in an inter-parliamentary football tournament in London while receiving DLA.

Mr Hilditch was part of an Assembly team which took part in a charity football event at Brunel University in London.
Depends entirely what the DLA claim was for. I've seen charity football teams made up entirely of players who'll never work a day in their lives... And I suspect you have too if you think about it ;)
You can work full time & receive DLA, it depends on what parts your getting.
If you have high rate mobility and are filmed running the marathon then thats obviously fraud as HR Mob is for folk who are "virtually unable to walk" if he was getting high rate care & was working then that may be questioned as well but if you have low or middle rate care its possible to work - will also depend on the job.

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