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I hope this is in the right forum (unsure as to whether it should appear in the AT forum).

Anyone know much about an ML course? I've heard little about it, and it may not still be running; but if anyone has any info. on it I would be very grateful to hear it: Length of course, pre-requisites, number of places, dates of courses etc.?

Cheers for any responses,

P.S Will ask at my unit next Tuesday, just interested to get any info. I can as early as possible.
I've done my ML Summer. I did the training course at JSATI in Llanwrst and the assessment with a private company in the Lakes.

I can't say much about the course from a TA perspective as I'm not TA. However, I'll try and give some useful info:

Course length: ML Trg Course was 1 week (or thereabouts) during which you will be 'on the hill' every day. I did mine in December which was interesting considering it's the ML Summer course. The assessment is five days IIRC - 1 day doing micro-nav, 1 day doing security on steep ground (i.e. rope work), 3 day exped (during which you will do a night-nav assessment). During all of the assessment you will be marked on group management and leadership etc...

Pre-requisites: As L_S noted, it's 20 quality mountain days (which I think means 6 hours on the mountain) for the trg course and another 20 for the assessment. You also have to have done a certain number of wild camps as well as having experience of leading or assisting in leading groups in the mountains. In my opinion, this is the bare minimum that you want to have done before going for assessment. A lot more experience would be beneficial.

Few general points:

1. Make sure you're very, very confident with your navigational ability in all weathers. You will be expected to know where you are down to about the nearest 10m all the time, even if you are not leading. Plus if you're confident you can spend more time concentrating on group management.

2. Make sure you've got all the right kit. Remember that an ML is expected to carry extra kit in case a member of the group forgets something.

3. Revise issues such as the CRoW Act and environmental issues. On my assessment we had an exam on access issues and general mountain knowledge (i.e. where would you find x type of rock in the UK?).

4. Practice planning an exped and the accompanying risk assessments (fun!). We had to do this on the assessment during the evening.

Overall, it's worth doing but it does require quite a lot of preparation to pass. The mental pressure during the assessment was equivalent to a five day driving test.

If you've got any questions feel free to PM me & I'll try to help.

Good luck!

20 days may be the minimum for registration, but it won't get you very far on the training trip.

you're probably best looking at having done forty-odd days - including ten nights wild camping - when you turn up to the training trip and then get another 30 or so days including wild camping with you and a mate and about the same with you and a group before you tip up to the assesment trip.

if you can get in on a course then great, but its everyones favourite CivQual for when they leave so spaces will be limited. doing it as an individual is expensive - £300 for each training/assesment trip - but you will get a much wider experience with working with a disparate civilian group than you would doing it with a group of squaddies.

i'm not saying that an employer would look down his nose at an ML qual gained within the forces, but he will know that the people you were with on the assesment were used to working together, were used to following instructions and had a certain degree of confidence, both in their skills and themselves. doing it with a bunch of civvies who've never met, all want to be leader and none of whom can listen to instructions without thinking 'well i'd do it this way' is going to be rather more challenging than doing the same route in squaddieland.

an ML is not a corporal in red Gore-tex, its a 'facilitator', social worker, big brother and teacher all rolled into one. i'd go so far as to say that if you intend working in the civilian outdoor industry then doing your ML in a military environment would be a bad idea in career terms, it'll be a fearsome shock to get into civvieland and discover that people can barely take responsibility for themselves, let alone anyone else.

pays your money - or not - and takes your choice.
Thanks for the information guys, very useful. I shall enquire further at my unit and if I decide to go on with it may be probing you with more questions,

Thanks again.
I tried to get on this a couple of years back. As said, very popular. I couldn't get on as all others had bidded for their places as Operationally Essential, so try to put in highest bidding priority to stand a chance.

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