Mk6 Helmet Liner supension

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. Can you remove the cord suspension from the MK 6 Helmet and replace it with foam padding ? or does the cord suspension offer more ventilation to the head.

    The foam option does look more comfy than that sodding cord knot digging into your head on a TAB.

    Would I be ok to modify my lid or is it a Health and Safety issue to put foam padding inside it ?
  2. I have the mesh 'headband' from a PRR in mine, works ok.The problem with using foam or even a FFD is, as you suggested that the ventilation is cut off and your head will overheat...
  3. Foam pad from an old ammo tin was in mine - did the job and didb't get too warm. There was a company, advertised on here somewhere, that made foam pads for the issue lids - can't find it at the moment too sober. (Might of been in a Soldier mag not long ago too.)
  4. I recall all extra paddings being removed during an inspection on camp a little while ago.
    Apparently someone got hospitalised at another unit due to having no helmet airflow etc.
  5. The point of the cord on the straps is that if the helmet takes an impact, the helmet can move whilst the contact with your head (IE the cord) stays still. Like suspension in a car. That in turn reduces the impact on your neck. If you use foam, your head is in contact with the shell of the helmet, and if an impact is taken, the full force of the impact will move your head and is thus more likely to **** your neck up.

    So there it is, there is a reason why there is cord there, because whilst it isn't most comfortable, it does isolate the shell of the helmet from your bonce so that in the event of an impact, the helmet has a fair amount of movement before your body has to follow.

    But if you want to change it, as long as you sew the replacement to the straps and not apply it direct to the helmet, you are fine. I know a lot of people who replaced the cord for the piece of mesh in the middle of a webbing yoke.
  6. Why not just make sure the knot is in one of the straps instead of being in the open and rubbing your poor little bonce!
  7. Haha I thought that was common sense!

    Assumption is the mother of all **** ups, I suppose!
  8. Get your self a MK6a that has got a mesh in it, so no knot problem
  9. Foam pad from an ammo box, jobs a goodun.
  10. Was there this much moaning when the Mk V was phased in?
  11. I've used to use some cut up rollmat, then some foam from the ammo tin. Which I haven't seen used in the tins for years. I nowadays use a helmet cooler from BCB bought in Iraq. Have never used it as a cooler, to much of a sweat monster, since then never had a problem as it attatches to the straps stays put. Great pece of kit.
  12. See my post.

    Jobs a goodun until you need the helmet to actually do what it's designed for, at which point job is not a goodun.
  13. Anywhere you can aquire the mesh out of a 6A?
  14. Get yer arse on a tour, you'll be issued with a 6a or a 7, no need to **** about with padding.
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I know, ******* hell, we all find something to fix the stupid bit.