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  1. How many people have actually passed MK2...according to the website its only 58....is this true???
  2. I was at a G1 brief just before christmas and they said it was only 15, must have had a mad rush over the past couple of months!
  3. its obviously a rip-roaring success then!

    i suspect there will be a mad rush on pri to this yrs board!
  4. What is the address for the website?
  5. google mk2 and ye shall find...i'm sure your mentor will be able to assist!!!
  6. I have just managed to pass Module A but it took me a fair while. Could not believe some of the questions. Dreading Modules B and C. Our desk offr has informed us that no MK2 pass, no Beige list. Bit of a bugger. Tried doing it in work time - yeah right. Got interrupted a dozen times during test to answer questions and speak to people.
  7. the other flaw of doing in in work time is that DII doesn't support java as it incurs extra licence fees...brilliant
  8. I think you'll find no bugger has the time to actually wade through the course so it passes them by..... What's the CoC going to do? Not promote people on the basis they haven't completed the tick-box exercise of "on the job knowledge"?
  9. yes...that's exactly what they'll do...or more to the point you simply won't be qualified for promotion and won't be boarded....

    ...its as simple as that and in black and white, no exceptions, not for ops, welfare or any other accentuating circumstance.

    the answer will simply be that offrs have had at least 6-12 moths to complete the cse...tough sh!t
  10. oh for the days of the Lt-Capt promotion exam over a good lunch and cold Chablis!
  11. The answer will be as patronising as it is simple - you have known the requirement since Sep 04 deal with it! The current batch of Beige Listers have been warned that by not completing MK 2 prior to attending ICSC(L)3 they will be deselcetd for the course (effectively RTUd for failing to be up to the entry standard!).
  12. Ok - we are all slagging it off, but more importantly how are we going to get it done.

    I undersatnd that a couple of Bdes have run a couple of study weeks - successfully, does anyone know of any Bdes/Units running MK2 study weeks in the coming months?
  13. pips...the best way to do it is just to stag on and get on with it...there are no short cuts or easy answers...
  14. Having just past MK2 I agree that the only thing to do is to put in the dull hours and get through the coursework and insulting "multimedia" activities that are put in to keep your attention as if you are a 5 year old. As an Adjutant of a reg unit and with 6 months on ops looming the only option has been to work till midnight and write off weekends to polish it off asap, not a pleasant learning experience!
    The real question however is do the chain of command believe their own posts? Do they think they would be capable of passing the MK2 assessments without use of notes? The assessments are 100% factual recall and require very little if any analysis or application of knowledge. We are asking a generation of officers to learn parrot fashion to promote rather than develop the ability to question and apply knowledge. There are numerous posts on the MK website saying all tests are to be done without study aids but I beleive this is absolutely impossible to pass unless you possess a photographic memory.
    I am a pessimist and think MCM will back down and let all and sundry onto the beige list this year despite warnings, otherwise it would be promotion by default in 07 not by merit and past performance,
    As I have passed I am alright Jack, but do not agree with the nature of the hurdles we are being asked to jump.
  15. Of course if I had used "past" instead of "passed" in MK2 the software would have marked my answer as wrong.......................................